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Rosemary Margaret Killen


Rosemary Margaret Killen's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 301.286.6574
Org Code: 695
Mail Code 695
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

Dr. Killen has published extensively on the exospheres of Mercury and the Moon.

Dr. Killen is PI for the SSERVI Team, LEADER, "Lunar Environment and Dynamics for Exploration Research". LEADER is a consortium of 33 scientists in eight institutions studying the environment of the Moon, the effects of human exploration on the lunar environment and the effects of the lunar environment on humans and their systems on and around the Moon.

She was a Participating Scientist on the MESSENGER Mission to Mercury, Deputy PI on the DREAM and DREAM2 teams of the Solar System Exploration Virtual Institute, and Co-I on STROFIO, a mass spectrometer on Bepi-Colombo. She has observed Mercury, the Moon and the Galilean satellites at many major observatories. She is interested in the physics of space weathering and the interactions of the solar wind plasma with the surfaces of planets and satellites to produce exospheres. She has over 100 papers published in the refereed literature and almost 200 abstracts presented at scientific meetings.

Research Interests

Research Scientist

Solar System: Solar System

I study the exospheres of the Moon and Mercury via ground-based spectroscopy, space-based ultraviolet spectroscopy, and mathematical modeling using analytical and Monte Carlo  models.

Current Projects

LEADER TEAM of SSERVI (Solar System Exploration and Research Virtual Institute), PI; DREAM2 TEAM of SSERVI (Solar System Exploration and Research Virtual Institute), Deputy PI; Ground-based coronagraphic observations of the lunar sodium exosphere, PI; Team member on the STROFIO mass spectrometer team for the ESA Bepi-Colombo mission to Mercury; Discovery Data Analysis for MESSENGER MASCS Data


I study planetary exospheres (tenuous atmospheres) throughout our solar system, concentrating on Mercury and the Moon.


Research Scientist

NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

June 2009 - Present

My roles include research in the exospheres of Mercury and the Moon. I am PI of the SSERVI team, LEADER, that studies the lunar environment and dynamics for exploration research. We have four teams studying radiation, dust, exospheres and plasmas, respectively. We have a laboratory component to test the effect of solar wind on surfaces to simulate the surfaces of the Moon and airless planetary bodies. Another laboratory component involves the production and evolution of dust on surfaces such as that of the Moon.


• Rice University, Space Physics and Astronomy, Ph.D. 1987
• University of Texas at Austin, Astronomy, MS 1975
• Southwestern University, Mathematics and Physics, BS 1971

Professional Societies

American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Science; American Geophysical Society; International Astronomical Union

Full member

1985 - Present

International Astronomical Union

2007 - Present


Robert H Goddard Group Achievement Award for Science for SSERVI Team DREAM2, 2019

NASA Group Achievement Award for MESSENGER, 2018

Robert H Goddard Exceptional Achievement for Science, 2018

Solar System Division Peer Award, 2014



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Selected Public Outreach

New Views of Mercury's Exosphere from MESSENGER

November 2018 - November Present

Public talk at the Geological Society of Wshington, Given at the COSMOS  Club, Washington, DC

October 24, 2018