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Oscar L Colombo


Org Code: 61A

Mail Code: 61A
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

Bachellor degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Natiopnal University of La pLata, Argentina. PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia,. Has worked since with NASA and Universities in Europe on gravity field modeling and precise positioning with GPS and similr GNSS systems, including precise LEO orbit determination. Also for the US Nay in new applications of GPS.


1967 - Ingeniero en Telecomunicacions, Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Argentina).
1977 - PhD (Electrical Engineering), New South Wales University (Sydney, Australia).
Thesis: On the control of discrete-time systems with constrained input and state variables.

Current Projects

Possible use of constellation of cubesats to monitor and issue warnings of tsunami in progress with GNSS reflectometry and analysis of ionospheric perturbations caused by upward travelling pressure waves generareted by tsunami.

Remote Sensing

As indicated in the title. Also looking for possible secondary use of cubesat constellation to monitor climate change through observation of the tropospheric water vapor content and the ionosphere using the same =data for detecting tsunami.


Senior Scientist (Consultant)

SSAI subcontractor - Goddard SFC

December 2021 - Present

Consultant on satellite navigation and advanced new projects.

Professional Societies

Institute of Navigation.

2011 - Present

International Association of Geodesy.


1990 - Present



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