Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Minwei Zhang


Minwei Zhang's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 301.286.5792
Org Code: 616
Mail Code 616.2
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Employer: Science Application International Corp.

Brief Bio

Minwei Zhang is currently a senior scientist with SAIC in the Ocean Ecology Lab (616) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in support of the atmospheric correction of satellite ocean color data.

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. degree in cartography and geography information system from the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009. His dissertation focused on the atmospheric correction of ocean color data from MODIS, MERIS and the 3-dimensional underwater radiative transfer simulation using Monte Carlo method.


NASA HBG Peer Awards for Scientific/Technical Support (2022)



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