Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Martin A Montes



Org Code: 616

Mail Code: 616
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Research Interests

Scattering LiDAR in aquatic environments

Earth Science: Remote Sensing

Inversion models of biogeochemical properties and ecosystem functions in coastal and oceanic waters. Spaceborne LiDAR and machine learning algorithms applied to climate change variability

Statistical modeling of continental aerosols

Earth Science: Remote Sensing

Machine learning techniques applied to classification of aerosols types derived from passive and active spaceborne measurements. Real-time prediction of aerosol composition for improving atmospheric correction and optical inversion of biogeochemical properties in coastal and inland waters

Toxic phytoplankton blooms

Earth Science: Remote Sensing

Detection of HABs using GIS and machine learning algorithms and smartphone measurements

Current Projects

PACE (Planned. Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem)

Remote Sensing

Science Data Segment team: Code development for L1C products using SeaDAS soffware. Mapping of optical measurements derived from satellite sensors OCI, HARP-2 and SpexOne. Geolocation algorithms for aerosol products.


Scientific Programmer

NASA/SSAI - Greenbelt, MD,USA

May 2018 - Present

Development, validation and implementation of aerosol models and L1C products for hyperspectral, polarized and multangular satellite measurements

Ad-honorem researcher

CURE - Uruguay

2020 - Present

Statistical modelization and artificial intelligence of data in natural sciences (MEDIANA). PI: Carolini Crisci and Angel Segura


  1. PhD, Marine Ecology, CICESE, Mexico
  2. MsSc, Physics, University of South Florida
  3. Licenciatura, Marine Biology, Argentina

Professional Societies



2015 - Present

Professional Service

Guest editor: Remote Sensing Journal, 2020


  • Distinguished citizen of Tampico, Mexico, 2001
  • US Navy Antarctic medal, 1996
  • Best bachelor, Argentina, 1995 graduation



Montes, M., N. Pahlevan, D. M. Giles, et al. J.-C. Roger, P.-W. Zhai, B. Smith, R. Levy, P. J. Werdell, and A. Smirnov. 2022. Augmenting Heritage Ocean-Color Aerosol Models for Enhanced Remote Sensing of Inland and Nearshore Coastal Waters Frontiers in Remote Sensing 3 [10.3389/frsen.2022.860816]

Montes, M. A., A. K. Vuorenkoski, B. Metzger, and B. Ramos. 2021. Interpretation of Spectral LiDAR Backscattering off the Florida Coast Remote Sensing 13 (13): 2475 [10.3390/rs13132475]