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Maria E Banks

(Research AST, Planetary Studies)

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Brief Bio

Maria Banks is a planetary scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She studies the surfaces of the Moon, Mars, Pluto and Mercury. At NASA, Banks works with the science teams for several NASA missions. She is a member of the science teams for the HiRISE and LROC instruments on spacecraft orbiting Mars (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) and the Moon (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) respectively, and works with the science team of the New Horizons mission which visited Pluto and is now flying through the Kuiper Belt. Banks is also a member of the science team for the InSight mission which has a lander operating on the surface of Mars. Additionally, Banks is the Associate Project Scientist for Data Mangement and Landed Mission Support for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission. She also works with the Planetary Data System which archives data acquired during NASA missions. Banks’ research interests include the study of glaciers and ice sheets on Earth and Mars, the measurement of migration rates for sand dunes and ripples on the surface of Mars, the morphology of new dated impact events on Mars and implications for the expected seismic response of Mars to these events, and the study of tectonic features, such as thrust faults called lobate scarps, on the Moon and Mercury.

Current Projects

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC)


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) High Resolution Imagining Science Experiment (HiRISE)

Solar System Exploration Virtual Research Institute (SSERVI): Team TREX

Planetary Data System

Artemis Technical Assessment Team: Data Assessment

Artemis Technical Assessment Team: Human Landing System (HLS) Site Availability

Artemis Technical Assessment Team: Science Objectives

Artemis Technical Assessment Team: Basecamp Site Planning and Logistics


NASA Group Achievement Award presented to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter team

NASA Group Achievement Award presented to the New Horizons team

NASA Group Achievement Award presented to the MESSENGER team

NASA Group Achievement Award presented to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE science team



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