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Larry D. Travis


Larry D. Travis's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 212.678.5599
Org Code: 611
Mail Code 611
New York, NY 10025
Employer: EMERITUS

Brief Bio

Larry Travis is currently Associate Chief of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in the Earth Sciences Division of the Science and Exploration Directorate.  Having joined GISS as a civil servant in 1978, his research has emphasized remote sensing of clouds and aerosols in planetary atmospheres and analysis and interpretation of such observations.  He served as Principal Investigator for the Cloud Photopolarimeter Instrument on the Pioneer Venus Orbiter Mission and as Co-Investigator for the Photopolarimeter/Radiometer Instrument on the Galileo Orbiter Mission.  He received B.A. and M.S. degrees in Astronomy at the University of Iowa and Ph.D. in Astronomy at The Pennsylvania State University.


Associate Chief, Goddard Institute for Space Studies

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - New York, NY 10025

1987 - Present

Physical Scientist, Goddard Institute for Space Studies

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - New York, NY 10025

1978 - 1987

Member Technical Staff, Sigma Data Services at GISS

Sigma Data Services - New York, NY 10025

1977 - 1978

Member Technical Staff, GTE Information Services at GISS

GTE Information Services - New York, NY 10025

1974 - 1977

Member Technical Staff, Computer Sciences Corp. at GISS

Computer Sciences Corp. - New York, NY 10025

1973 - 1974

Assistant Professor of Physics

The Pennsylvania State University, Worthington Scranton - Dunsmore, PA

1971 - 1973

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, The Pennsylvania State University, Worthington Scranton Campus, Dunsmore, PA    September 1971 - June 1973 


B.A. with distinction (Astronomy and Mathematics), University of Iowa, 1965; M.S. in Astronomy, University of Iowa, 1967; Ph.D. in Astronomy, The Pennsylvania State University, 1971

Professional Societies

American Astronomical Society

1967 - Present

American Geophysical Union

1968 - Present

American Association for the Advancement of Science

1973 - Present


NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 1980



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