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Kyu-Myong Kim


Kyu-Myong Kim's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 301.614.6223
Org Code: 613
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Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

Kyu-Myong Kim, a Research Physical Scientist at NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center, received a Ph. D. in atmospheric sciences from Seoul National University, Korea, in 1996. His Ph. D. thesis is on the temporal and spatial structures of the seasonal and interannual variability of the tropical Pacific atmosphere and ocean based on in situ observation as well as ocean circulation model. In 1996, he came to Goddard Space Flight Center, as a National Research Council Resident Research Associates, where he worked on El Nino-Asian summer monsoon interaction and tropospheric biennial oscillation. Since then, he has been working at Climate and Radiation Laboratory, NASA/GSFC as a USRA (Universities Space Research Association) Associate Scientist (1998-2000), as a senior supporting scientist of Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (2000-2006), as a associate research scientitst of UMBC (2006-2011) and Morgan State University (2011-2013) . His research interest includes seasonal-to-interannual climate variability and predictability, climate modeling, and diagnostics. More recently, he has been worked on the effect of aerosol radiative forcing on the monsoon water cycle over various monsoon regions.

Current Projects

Impacts of absorbing aerosols on warm season climate in Euro-Asia



Research Physical Scientist

NASA/GSFC - Maryland, USA

2013 - Present

Associate Research Scientist

Morgan State University - Maryland, USA

2011 - 2013

Associate Research Scientist

University of Maryland at Baltimore County - Maryland, USA

2006 - 2011

Senior Supporting Scientist

Science Systems and Applications, Inc. - Maryland, USA

2000 - 2005

NRC Research Associates

NAS - Maryland, USA

1996 - 1998

Associate Scientist I

Universities Space Research Association - Maryland, USA

1998 - 2000


Ph.D. in Meteorology, Seoul National University, KOREA, 1996
Thesis title: Temporal and spatial structures of the seasonal and interannual variability of the tropical Pacific atmosphere and ocean.

Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union

1998 - Present

Selected Publications


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