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John W Robbins


John W Robbins's Contact Card & Information.
Org Code: 615
Mail Code 615
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Employer: Craig Technologies

Brief Bio

Mr. Robbins has provided expertise in various geodetic, tectonic and cryospheric research efforts since 1984. His main present interests include the analysis of spaceborne laser altimeter and terrestrial-based satellite laser range data as applied to the detection, estimation and monitoring of various components of Earth surface and planetary dynamics. He serves as principal scientist for Craig Technologies Inc., of Cape Canaveral, FL, and supports (under contract, via telecommuting) NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center’s Cryospheric Branch in Greenbelt, MD. He is presently active in research and development efforts involving ICESat data, including software development as applied to the estimation, analysis and mapping of ice sheet surficial changes in Greenland and Antarctica as well as monitoring sea ice variations in the Arctic Ocean and seas surrounding Antarctica.

Earlier in Mr. Robbins’ career, he provided scientific support, modeling and algorithm development for various NASA missions, including LAGEOS, SEASAT, TOPEX/Poseidon, as applicable to research in global gravitational modeling, tectonics, oceanography, as well as modeling non-conservative components of spacecraft dynamics. He has gained considerable experience in NASA mission preparation, investigating concept designs for geopotential research missions, TOPEX/Poseidon and Mars Observer.

Research Interests


Solar System: Geophysics

Studies of geodetic nature, including precision positioning, cartographic tools, gravity field modeling and mapping, time-dependent positioning and point tracking.


Earth Science: Cryosphere / Earth's Ice Cover

General cryospheric interests include ice sheet elevation monitoring, sea ice freeboard estimation and assessment, satellite instrumental bias estimation.

Current Projects


Cryosphere / Earth's Ice Cover

Investigations have included estimation of ice sheet heights and their variations through time, ice cap heights and time variations. Estimates of sea ice freeboard elevations and their implied volumes. Related oceanographic investigations.


Cryosphere / Earth's Ice Cover

Providing expertise in the area of geophysical modeling and corrections required for L2A science data products planned for the ICESat-2 mission.


SGT/Craig Technologies

SGT & Craig Technologies - GSFC (on site) & via telecommuting

January 2007 - Present

Part of the SGT GGSG team since about 1985. Returned in 2008.
Since 2008 I've been part of Code 615, Cryospheric Lab.

Title: Principal Scientist. Exmphasis in geodedic and cryospheric research.

EG&G/Hughes STX

EG&G/WASC Inc. & Hughes STX Inc. - Lanham, MD and Greenbelt, MD

June 1985 - May 1996

Title: ranged from Systems Analyst to Principal Analyst.

Worked for NASA/GSFC Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics (old code 620).

Provided geodetic and gravitational expertise applied to LAGEOS and Topex/Poseidon projects.


1981: Recieved BS in Surveying and Photogrammetry, California State Univ., Fresno, California.
1985: Received MS Geodetic Science, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio.

Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union

1980 - Present



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Talks, Presentations and Posters


AGU: Geophysical Corrections and modeling for ICESat-2 Science

16, 2014

Poster showed various models and Corrections anticipated for use on the ICESat-2 ATL03 L2-level science product. These include ocean tides, solid earth tides, tidal loading, Inverted Barometer & Dynamic Atmospheric corrections, Earth reference models, such as geoid and mean sea surface.

AGU: ICESat Estimates of Elevation and Volume Changes of Greenland Ice Caps


Poster that showed ICESat estimated height variations across 20+ ice caps surrounding Greenland.

AGU: Antarctic Ice-Shelf Front Dynamics from ICESat


Poster showing horizontal estimates of ice shelf speed based on ICESat measurements of height. Technique utiized the motion of rift zones on the Ross ice shelf, Antarctica.


December 12, 1986: NASA group achievement award for Crustal Dynamics Project.
December 12, 1986: NASA group achievement award for Topex Earth gravity model development team.
March 27, 1992: NASA group achievement award for Goddard Earth Model GEM T3.
February 10, 1993: NASA group achievement award for Topex/Poseidon Mission Design.
May 18, 1993: NASA group achievement award for Joint Gravity Model-1 (JGM-1) Team.