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Hong Na Xie


Hong Na Xie's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 301.286.7027
Org Code: 671
Mail Code 671
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

Dr. Hong Xie, a solar physicist with CUA, joined Code 671 in April 2003. She has been
working on data analysis of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), CME-driven shocks, 
and associated geomagnetic storms. She is currently maintaining the COR1 preliminary 
CME catalog. Her research interests include the origin, three-dimensional structure, 
and evolution of CMEs. She has developed new analytical CME cone model fitting procedure,
and incorporated a geometrical flux-rope model fitting for STEREO/COR coronagraph images. 
In 2009, working with STEREO team, Dr. St. Cyr and Dr. Gopalswamy, by using flux-rope 
models and 3D triangulations, she has studied the origin, 3D structure and kinematic 
evolution of CMEs near solar minimum using STEREO COR1 and COR2 data. She also improved 
the shock prediction technique based on the empirical shock arrival (ESA) model, where 
CME deceleration is included in the corrected ESA and synthesized with kilometric 
Type II-derived shock velocities. Her recent research focused on SEP onset time, 
SEP intensity and their relation to the type II radio burst, CME shock formation time 
and speed, the deflection and rotation of CMEs, connection between the structure of 
magnetic flux rope in solar source regions: quiescent prominence regions and flare-
producing active regions, CME-Flux Ropes in the extended corona and magnetic clouds 
at 1 au.

Selected Publications


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