Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Gregory W Shirah



Org Code: 606.4

Mail Code: 606.4
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Employer: NASA

Brief Bio

Greg Shirah has worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center since 1984. He began his career programming ground systems in the Flight Dynamics Division. Several years later he moved to the Data Systems Technology Division, where he worked on expert systems that helped automate ground control tasks.

In 1997, Shirah moved to his current position in the Scientific Visualization Studio. Shirah leads the development of Earth science-related scientific visualizations. He works closely with scientists from NASA Goddard and other organizations in visualizing the data from satellites, other observational platforms, and supercomputer simulations. These visualizations powerfully communicate changes in our planet's atmosphere, oceans, and land to an audience ranging from scientists to schoolchildren. Shirah's work has been shown on every major television network, in newspapers, magazines, the web, Science on a Sphere, planetariums, and even in a few motion pictures. It's been estimated that over one billion people have seen his visuals.

Shirah has degrees in computer science and mathematics from the University of Georgia and the George Washington University.