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Glenn Scott Tamkin



Org Code: 606.3

Mail Code: 606.3
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Employer: InuTeq, LLC

Brief Bio

As a principal computer scientist, Mr. Tamkin has assisted large-scale government software initiatives for decades. He has specialized in software systems supporting flight science (space shuttle, ground systems, and satellites) and now Earth science.

At NASA GSFC, Mr. Tamkin contributes to various projects within the Information Science and Technology Research Group’s Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab works directly with scientists to co-develop solutions to accelerate science using AI and Machine Learning techniques within High End Computing environments both on premise and in the commercial cloud. Prior roles have included:

·      Core software architect for the Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office (CISTO). CISTO developed analytic applications at the NASA Center of Climate Simulation (NCCS) including the MERRA Analytic Service (MERRA/AS) and NASA Reanalysis Ensemble Service (RES). These services combine advanced data management and analysis technologies to yield commonly used data products for scientists including spatial and temporal sub-setting, arithmetic operations, and advanced workflows.

·      Principal architect and developer of the Central Data Exchange (CDX) Node, the single point of entry for environmental data exchanges within the EPA and one of the first nationwide web service-oriented architectures to allow external partners (states, tribes, industry) to exchange data with the EPA (

·      System architect and technical director for net-Trials, an integrated data management system for collecting and reporting data on clinical trials. The system offers web-based benefits to cancer researchers, physicians, and patients by unifying systems, processes, and data to facilitate clinical trial participation.

·      Lead developer and task leader for several Space Shuttle and payload-based spacecraft monitoring systems. System architect and developer for generic, reusable visualization tools used for mission planning.

Mr. Tamkin lives in Maryland near the Washington D.C. border. When not slinging code, he enjoys world travel, sports, music and unwinding at the Chesapeake Bay.

Current Projects

SR-Lite (Surface Reflectance)

Remote Sensing

A workflow to normalize high-resolution (circa 2 m) spaceborne multispectral imagery (HRSMI) to a Landsat surface reflectance target with comparable phenology.


Master of Science in Computer Systems Management, University of Maryland at College Park, MD

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park, MD      


  • U.S. Patent # 9,411,569 - NASA - System and Method for Providing a Climate Data Analytics Services Application Programing Interface Distribution Package (others pending)
  • U.S. Patent # 9,410,329 - NASA - System and Method for Providing a Climate Data Persistence Service
  • Manned Flight Awareness Launch Honoree Award - NASA - Outstanding accomplishments in developing mission-monitoring Space Shuttle support software - NASA’s highest contractor award
  • Astronauts Personal Achievement Award - NASA - Strengthening the reliability, safety, and success of NASA’s shuttle/payloads program.
  • Award for Technical Excellence - EPA - Deploying a service-oriented architecture for the EPA – CSC’s highest honor for technical achievement.
  • Federal Sector President’s Award - EPA - Excellence in business initiative for the EPA’s Central Data Exchange.
  • President’s Excellence Award - National Cancer Institute - Technological advancements in cancer research through net-Trials.