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Gavin A. Schmidt


Gavin A. Schmidt's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 212.678.5627
Org Code: 611
Mail Code 611
New York, NY 10025

Brief Bio

Postdoc at McGill University 1994-1996; NOAA Climate and Global Change fellow at NASA GISS in New York (1996-1998), Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University (1998-2004), NASA GISS from 2004. Director from 2014.

Research Interests

Coupled climate modeling

Earth Science: Climate

Development, application and evaluation of coupled ocean-atmosphere-composition climate models.


Earth Science: Climate

Investigation of changes in past climate and what they can reveal about model skill and future changes.

Detection and attribution of Climate change

Earth Science: Climate

Exploring the fingerprints of forced and internal changes in the climate record and in models to better understand why climate changed in the past, why it is changing now and how it might change in the future. 

Current Projects

GISS ModelE development


Construction, expansion and evaluation of the GISS ModelE coupled GCM.


B.A. (Hons) Mathematics, Oxford University, 1988
PhD in Applied Mathematics, University College London, 1994


  • Honorary Doctor of Science, Bristol University, UK (2018)
  • AGU Fellow (2018)
  • Honorary Doctor of Science, Williams College, MA (2017)
  • AAAS Fellow (2017)
  • Outstanding Leadership Medal (GSFC, 2017)
  • AGU Stephen Schneider Lecturer (2013)
  • AGU Climate Communications Prize (2011)
  • EarthSky Science Communicator of the Year (2011)



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