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Frederick S Policelli


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Phone: 301.614.6573
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Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

Dr. Policelli is a member of the NASA GSFC Hydrological Sciences Laboratory, where he is engaged in research and applications including surface water and flood water mapping.  Dr. Policelli studied mechanical engineering and worked in propulsion systems development and testing during his early career.  Dr. Policelli has extensive experience in applied sciences, systems engineering, and project management. Currently, Dr. Policelli is Principal Investigator on a NASA mission concept development project and Co-Investigator on a NASA Applied Sciences funded project that develops near real time global to regional scale flood mapping products with the goal of extending the results to operational partners for use in disaster management.  Dr. Policelli recently completed his PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

Research Interests

Water Balance

Earth Science: Analysis

Basin-level water balance analyses on a global basis.

Surface Water Extent and Flood Mapping

Earth Science: Analysis

Near real time, global water and flood extent mapping for disaster management and related research and analysis.

Flood Modeling

Earth Science: Analysis

Near real time, basin level flood modeling for disaster management and related research and analysis.

Current Projects

Global Flood Mapping


Near real time global surface water extent and flood mapping for disaster management and research use.

Vegetation Optical Depth retrieval from active and passive microwave data

Remote Sensing

Mission concept development

Teaching Experience

Student mentoring as part of the NASA Applied Sciences Program's DEVELOP project.


Project Engineer

Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies, Inc. - East Hartford, CT

April 1987 - April 1991

Development of commercial jet engines.

Systems Engineer/Test Director

NASA SSC Propulsion Test Directorate - Stennis Space Center, MS

May 1991 - April 1998

Development, operation, and managment of propulsion test stands.

Project Manager

NASA SSC Applied Sciences Directorate - Stennis Space Center, MS

April 1998 - October 2005

Management of projects related to development of applications of remote sensing data and establishing a U.S. commercial remote sensing business sector.  This position included details served in the U.S. Senate, NASA HQ, and NASA GSFC.

AST, Technical Management

NASA GSFC Office of Applied Sciences - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

October 2005 - October 2015

Mr. Policelli served as deputy to the chief of the NASA GSFC Office of Applied Sciences, where he provides leadership in center efforts to transition NASA research results to operational end-users for societal benefit.

Physical Scientist

NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center

October 2015 - Present

Dr. Policelli conducts research and applications development in the NASA GSFC Hydrological Science Lab


1986 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University,(Ithaca, NY)

1990 M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hartford Graduate Center, (Hartford,CT)

2018 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University Earth and Planetary Sciences Department (Baltimore, MD)

Selected Publications


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