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Edward J Kim



Org Code: 617

Mail Code: 617
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Employer: NASA

Brief Bio

Tel: +1-301-614-5653; mobile: +1-240-460-1958

Joint PhD University of Michigan, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences; 1999
Engineer's degree Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 1990
SM Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 1989
SB Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 1986

• Earth Remote Sensing Scientist, NASA GSFC since 1999
• PI for several GSFC airborne & ground instruments since 1998
• Microwave, laser, & electro-optical instrumentation for earth & space science since 1987
Science Algorithm teams
• SMAP post-launch radiometer Cal/Val (Level_1TB product) lead (2009-2013) Phase A/C/D
• AMSR-E snow product team member (2007-2009)
• NPOESS Microwave Operational Algorithm Team (MOAT) member (2005-2010) for snow
New business capture efforts
• GSFC lead scientist in MIS/NPOESS capture effort (2006-2008)
• 2 Venture Class airborne snow proposals
Pre-formulation phase
• HydroSTAR: ESSP1 & 2 soil moisture mission proposals (1998-99)
• Cold Land Processes Pathfinder (CLPP): ESSP4 and 1st Decadal Survey snow mission concept (early 2000s)
• Snow and Cold Land Processes (SCLP): 1st Decadal Survey snow mission concept (mid 2000s)
International Collaborations
• Co-I on current snow science projects in Finland & Belgium
• Co-I Australian airborne soil moisture & SMAP & SMOS cal/val projects (2004-present)
• GCOM-W/AMSR-2 JAXA Cal/Val PI for snow (2011-present)
• ESA SMOS Validation and Retrieval Team member (2005-2014ish)
Operational Missions (phase B/C/D/E)
• JPSS: Instrument Scientist for ATMS microwave sounder on NPP & JPSS: since 2005
• 2 flight units launched and commissioned; 3 more flight units under construction
Field Experiments
• Project Scientist for SnowEx year 1 (2015-2017) + SnowEx capture effort (2014-15)
• 13 soil moisture/12 cryo; 9 international/16 domestic; tiny to large
• Engineering Intern, Motorola, Inc.,(1984-86);
• Self-employed engineering consultant & start-up company member (1987-98)

Professional Interests
Developing and applying remote sensing techniques to monitor and understand the Earth system—particularly snow and soil moisture; field measurement and modeling of snow; radiative transfer theory; radiance data assimilation. Microwave & optical remote sensing instruments; microwave radiometer calibration and intercalibration. Multi-sensor remote sensing—especially lidar + microwave.

Professional Activities
• General co-Chair, MicroSnow2 workshop on microwave remote sensing of snow (2015)
• General co-Chair, SnowEx airborne experiment planning workshop (2015)
• Technical Program co-Chair, microRad 2010 Int’l Symposium (microwave radiometry)
• Guest co-Editor, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing, MicroRad 2010 Special Issue
• Guest co-Editor, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Special Issue on Airborne Field Campaigns for Soil Moisture, 2009
• Senior member, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (2005)
• Associate Editor, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (2003-2015)
• NASA Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) radar/radiometry working group, & presenter to NASA Earth System Science and Applications Advisory Committee (ESSAAC; 2003)
• Associate Editor for Organizational & Industrial Profiles, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Newsletter (2000-2003)
• Reviewer for JGR-Atmospheres, J. Hydrometeorology, J. Glaciology, Water Resources Research, IEEE TGARS, Remote Sensing of Envir., Int’l J. Rem.Sensing, NSF, NASA
• GRS-S representative to IEEE Sensors Council (2002-2006)
• International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) Technical Program Committee (2000,2004-06, 2013);
• Session chair/co-chair or organizer for IGARSS 2005, 2006, 2011, microCal 2002, SPIE Hawaii 2004, SPIE India 2006, SPIE-Asia Pacific 2008; AGU 2017
• Member, American Geophysical Union, IEEE

• Co-recipient, Robert H. Goddard Honor Award to JPSS-1/ATMS Team (2017)
• Co-recipient, Robert H. Goddard Honor Award to SnowEx Team (2017)
• NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award: SMAP Science and Cal/Val Team (2017)
• NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award: SMAP Science Data System Team (2016)
• Co-recipient, Robert H. Goddard Honor Award to SMAP Level1Radiometer Team (2015),
• Eminent (visiting) Professor, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2014)
• NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal (2013)
• NASA Group Achievement Award to S-NPP Mission Development Team (2012)
• Co-recipient, Robert H. Goddard Honor Award to AESMIR Team (2009)
• Letter of Commendation from Deputy Director GSFC for MIS/NPOESS capture efforts (2008)
• ARC (Australia) Earth System Science, Researcher Exchange Support Grant Awardee (2005)
• GSFC Laboratory for Hydrospheric Processes, Outstanding Achievement Peer Award (2002)
• GSFC Group Achievement Award (2000, 2005)
• NASA Special Act/Performance Awards (1999,2001,2002x2, 2007, 2008)
• IGARSS Student Paper Competition: 2nd Prize (1998)
• Selected for U.S. National Research Council Research Associateship at NASA/GSFC (1997)
• Letter of Commendation--top 10% of class in MIT electromagnetics course (1985)

Kim, E.J., “Remote Sensing of Land Surface Conditions in Arctic Tundra Regions for Climatological Applications Using Microwave Radiometry,” PhD dissertation, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences, U. of Michigan, 1999.
Kim, E.J., "Dispersed Fringe Group Delay Astrometry Using the Mk Ill Stellar Interferometer". SM thesis, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, 1989.

Refereed Journal Papers (published, accepted, in press, in review):
D.-H. Kang, Tan, S., Kim, E. “Evaluation of Tb sensitivity to snowpack physical properties using existing snow microwave radiative transfer models”, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing, submitted 11/16/18
Kim, E. (2018), How can we find out how much snow is in the world?, Eos, 99, doi/10.1029/2018EO099939. Published on 01 June 2018.
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Refereed Conference Papers:
(next 3 papers) In Oxley, L. and Kulasiri, D. (eds) MODSIM 2007 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, December 2007. ISBN : 978-0-9758400-4-7.
Walker J.P., et al., The National Airborne Field Experiment Data Sets, pp 2625-2631.
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Non-Refereed Conference Papers:
Do-Hyuk Kang ; Shurun Tang and Edward J. Kim, "Interpreting snowpack radiometry using currently existing microwave radiative transfer models", Proc. SPIE 9637, Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XVII, 96371B (October 30, 2015); doi:10.1117/12.2195502

Invited Presentations at Professional Meetings & Symposia
E. J Kim, et al, “Observing snow in a forested environment: NASA’s SnowEx Campaign Year 1” Eastern Snow Conference 2018, College Park, USA
E. J Kim, C.Gatebe, D.Hall, D.-H.Kang, “NASA’s SnowEx Campaign and Measuring Global Snow from Space”, ISRS 2018, Pyeongchang, S.Korea
E. J Kim, et al, “NASA’s SnowEx Campaign in the Upper Colorado“, Upper Colorado River Basin Water Forum, Grand Junction, USA, 2017
E. J Kim, “Outlook for satellite-derived snow products”, ECMWF - H-SAF workshop on coupled hydrology, Reading, UK, 2014.
E. J Kim, keynote presentation at ESA Workshop on Novel Mission Concepts for Snow and Cryosphere Research, Noordwijk, Netherlands, 2014.
E. J Kim, invited papers at AGU & IGARSS on remote sensing topics (multiple years)
E. J Kim, Microwave Radiometry for Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture and Snow, Special Session in Honor of MIT Prof. David Staelin, Igarss Symposium, 2008, Boston, MA, USA.
E. J Kim and M. Tedesco, Spatial Scaling Behavior of Brightness Temperatures During CLPX and Appropriate Satellite Sensor Resolution, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, Session 1P3a, 26-29 March 2006 Cambridge, MA, USA
E. Kim, M. Tedesco, R. Kelly and G. Liston, Upscaling and Downscaling Investigations of Brightness Temperature Observations and Snow Water Equivalent Retrievals from the 2003 NASA Cold Land Processes Experiment, IEEE-APS URSI Conference, 5-8 July 2005, Washington DC, USA

Selected Seminars & Tutorials given
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (Korean Space Agency), 2012, 2014.
Invited tutorial on snow remote sensing, US Army Corp of Engineers, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab, Sept 8, 2008, Hanover, NH.
Invited tutorial on snow remote sensing, Igarss, July 6, 2008, Boston, MA.
MIT Hydrology Seminar (Civil Engr. Dept), “Spatial Scaling Behavior During the NASA Cold Land Processes Experiment, Appropriate Satellite Sensor Resolution, and Future Year-Round Hydrologic Investigations“, Cambridge, MA, Mar 28, 2006.
Univ. of Melbourne, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering Seminar series “Just how much snow is there? Remote sensing of snow, your water for life”, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, Nov 30, 2005.
Invited speaker Boston chapter of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, “Just how much snow is there? –remote sensing of snow, your water for life”, Lexington, MA, Sep 14, 2005.

Education & Outreach
• Invited PhD defense committee member for Reza Naderpour, Swiss ETH Zurich, Feb 2019
• Invited PhD defense committee member for Yueqian Cao, Duke University, Jan 2019
• NASA video series interviewee “Cryosphere”, episode 2 “Snow” 2018
• NASA Postdoctoral Program mentor (snow, Oct, 2014—present)
• PhD thesis defense/committee member for Damon Bradley, Univ. Maryland Baltimore County (April 2014); Damon is now branch head of GSFC code 564
• MicroRad poster award reviewer (wrote the evaluation for the 1st-place poster; Mar 2014)
• Supported 2 Postdocs @NASA GSFC (Marco Tedesco, Do-Hyuk Kang)
• PhD committee member for Rocco Panciera & Mahdi Allahmoradi @ Uni. Melbourne, Australia, 2009.
• Invited PhD defense “opponent” for Ali Arslan @ Helsinki Univ. of Tech., Finland, 2006
• PhD committee member-for Oh Myeong-Gun @Gwangju Inst. Of Sci. and Tech., Korea
• PhD thesis measurement support-U.Michigan & Gwangju Inst. Of Sci. and Tech. (Korea)
• PhD thesis collaboration with Mike Durand—UCLA, 2006.
• Lecturer, GEST/NASA summer program seminar
• Lecturer, NASA high school science teacher training seminar

Field Experiment Experience (13 soil moisture, 12 cryo)
2016-17 snow SnowEx year 1 Colorado, USA
2016 soil moisture SoOp Oklahoma, USA
2015 SLAPex Freeze/Thaw Winnipeg, Canada
2015 snow SoOp New Hampshire, USA
2014 iPHEX (GPM-GV) soil moisture North Carolina, USA
2013 SnowNet North Slope, Alaska
2011 SMAPex-3 soil moisture NSW, Australia
2011 snow Colorado, USA
2010 AACES-2 (SMOS) soil moisture & snow NSW, Australia
2010 snow Colorado, USA
2008 soil moisture Simpson Desert, SA, Australia
2006 NAFE ’06 soil moisture NSW, Australia
2005 NAFE ’05 soil moisture NSW, Australia
2005 pre-NAFE ’05 soil moisture Waikerie, SA, Australia
2003 RFI campaign Pacific Ocean
2002 passive/active microwave soil moisture Maryland, USA
2002 CLPX-1 snow (planning & participation) Colorado, USA
2000 Meltponds sea ice Greenland/Canada
1999 dry winter atmospheric moisture Barrow, Alaska
1997 & 99 SGP97 & SGP99 soil moisture Oklahoma, USA
1994-95 REBEX-3 tundra energy balance & snow North Slope, Alaska
1992-93 REBEX-0,1,2 soil moisture & snow Michigan & South Dakota, USA

Other qualifications
US private pilot
Australian private pilot
US amateur radio operator- Extra class
Polar bear weapons training: defensive shotgun (US Dept. of Energy, 1999)
Languages: English (mother tongue); French, Spanish, & Korean (all basic), Morse code



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