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Brief Bio

Dr. Dorothy M. Peteet is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Adjunct Professor, Columbia University.  She directs the Paleoecology Division of the New Core Lab at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia and in collaboration with GISS climate modelers and LDEO geochemists is studying the Late Pleistocene and Holocene archives of lakes and wetlands (peatlands, salt marshes, tidal freshwater marshes, bogs, fens).  Documenting past vegetational change using pollen and spores, plant and animal macrofossils, loss-on-ignition, carbon, and charcoal in conjunction with accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating, her research provides local and regional records of vegetational and climate history and carbon sequestration. Peteet has performed GCM experiments to test hypotheses concerning LGM and abrupt climate change.  She is interested in climate sensitivity from past climate changes and ecological shifts with future climate change.  Droughts are of recent interest.

Research Interests


Earth Science: Climate

Understanding of past shifts in climate, including abrupt events.  Research in eastern N. America,
Siberia, Arctic and subarctic regions of Alaska, Easter Island, etc...and timing is from present back to last interglacial.  Droughts are of particular interest in the northeastern US.


Earth Science: Carbon Cycle

Understanding past vegetational change throughout areas of research and the response of terrestrial ecosystems to climate change.  Pollen and plant macrofossil studies.  Ecosystem functions.

Carbon sequestration

Earth Science: Carbon Cycle

Relationship of past vegetational change to past carbon storage in wetlands.

Human impact

Earth Science: Land Disturbance

Human impact and its effect on ecosystems...record in sediment cores reveals invasive species, erosion of watersheds, pollution, etc.

Current Projects

Alaskan paleoclimate and paleovegation records and their relationship to carbon storage

Carbon Cycle

Transect of peatland sites both N-S and E-W in Alaska documents the relationship of past climate and vegetational change to carbon sequestered in the peatlands.

Timing of Deglaciation in Northeastern US


Understanding timing of deglaciation in northeastern US and its relationship to Greenland ice cores, sea level rise, and ocean temperature shifts.

Climate Sensitivity


Differences in climate sensitivity of planet earth during different time intervals since last ice age.
Feedbacks such as vegetational change very important.

Abrupt climate shifts

Ecosystem function

Understanding relationship of terrestrial abrupt climate shifts of the past and their effects on forest and wetland vegeational change in various regions of the globe.  Younger Dryas cooling and Medieval Warming are examples.


Hydrology / Water Cycle

Past droughts in the northeastern US are visible through forest shifts in species composition and increases in fire frequency.  We document past drought frequency and intensity and the importance of future droughts for urban areas of the northeast.


Senior Research Scientist

NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies - New York, NY

1999 - Present

Adjunct Professor

Columbia University - New York, NY

1999 - Present

Teach undergraduate and graduate students, "Wetlands and Climate Change" class at Columbia, and direct Paleoecology Laboratory at LDEO

Research Scientist

NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies - New York, NY

1985 - 1999

Adjunct Associate Research Scientist

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - Palisades, NY

1985 - 1999

National Research Council Resident Research Associate

National Research Council - NASA/GISS

1983 - 1985

2-yr postdoctorate

Teaching Experience

1999-present Teaching 4000 level course "Wetlands and Climate Change" at Columbia University
1997- present  Developed and taught "Wetlands and Climate Change" at Columbia University in Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science
Taught Paleoclimate undergraduate class at Columbia University
Mentoring Ph.D, MS., undergraduate, and high school students


  • Ph.D., New York University, l983
  • MS., New York University, l979
  • BA, Botany, Duke University, l974

Professional Societies

Board of Directors, NYC Audubon Society

2009 - 2014

North American Pollen Database

Panel Member

2009 - Present

Hudson River Environmental Society

Board of Directors

2004 - 2007

NY Institute for Climate and Planets Summer Program

Mentor for high school and college students

1995 - Present

National Academy Sciences Abrupt Climate Change: Science and Policy

Panel Member

2000 - 2001

NSF/OPP Antarctic Glaciology

Panel Member

1995 - Present

Board of Earth Science Division of UNESCO Intl. Global Climate Program Project entitled Global Younger Dryas?


1990 - 1994

AMQUA Paleoclimatology


1990 - 1994

AGU Oceanography Committee

Panel Member

1994 - 1998

NSF Ice Core Working Group

Panel Member

1990 - 1992

US National Committee for International Union of Quaternary Research

Panel Member

1992 - 1994

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Climate Center Committee

Panel Member

1996 - 2010



1990 - Present



1985 - Present

Ecological Society of America


2008 - Present

American Assn. of Stratigraphic Palynologists


1985 - Present

Torrey Botanical Club


1985 - Present

Botanical Society of America

2000 - Present

Professional Service

NYC Audubon Society, Hudson River Environmental Society, NSF Panelist, Journal Reviews, etc.


2022 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Award

2022 July NASA Performance Award

2006 New York City Research Initiative Achievement Award

2004 NASA/GISS Special Act Award

2003 NASA/GISS Special Act Award

1999 NASA/GSFC Performance Award

1992 NASA/GISS Peer Review Award

l983-1985 National Research Council Award

l982 Gladys Mateyco Biology Award for Excellence in Biology

1980 Torrey Botanical Club Annette Hervey Award, Best Student Paper

Selected Publications


Copple, S. P., D. M. Peteet, D. Balk, et al. C. Chang, B. Jones, and M. Tzortziou. 2023. Marsh archive reveals human population history and future implications for estuarine health in Long Island Sound Science of The Total Environment 895 164885 [10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.164885]

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Da Silva, K. A., R. A. Snyder, M. S. Packalen, et al. J. W. McLaughlin, D. M. Peteet, and S. A. Finkelstein. 2022. Mineral inputs, paleoecological change, and Holocene carbon accumulation at a boreal peatland in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 596 110996 [10.1016/j.palaeo.2022.110996]

Kern, O. A., A. Koutsodendris, F. J. Allstädt, et al. B. Mächtle, D. M. Peteet, S. Kalaitzidis, K. Christanis, and J. Pross. 2022. A near-continuous record of climate and ecosystem variability in Central Europe during the past 130 kyrs (Marine Isotope Stages 5–1) from Füramoos, southern Germany Quaternary Science Reviews 284 107505 [10.1016/j.quascirev.2022.107505]


Pace, G., D. Peteet, M. Dunton, et al. C. Wang-Mondaca, S. Ismail, J. Supino, and J. Nichols. 2021. Importance of quantifying the full-depth carbon reservoir of Jamaica Bay salt Marshes, New York City and Environment Interactions 12 100073 [10.1016/j.cacint.2021.100073]

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