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Chelsea L Parker



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Greenbelt, MD 20771


Research Interests

Research Overview

Earth Science: Atmospheric Dynamics

Chelsea's current work brings together satellite and in situ observations, reanalysis datasets, and numerical modeling to characterize and improve our understanding of the polar atmosphere and ice – ocean – atmosphere interactions in a changing climate. Her research ranges in scale from investigating the dynamics of episodic events such as polar lows and Arctic cyclones, to working on improving the representation of polar atmospheric processes in global models.


Assistant Research Scientist

Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) University of Maryland, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Greenbelt, Maryland

August 2019 - Present


2017: PhD, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences, Brown University, U.S.A

2014: MSc, Geological Sciences, Brown University, U.S.A

2010: BSc, Physical Geography, University of Bristol, U.K.  



Boisvert, L., C. Parker, and E. Valkonen. 2023. A Warmer and Wetter Arctic: Insights From a 20‐Years AIRS Record Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 128 (20): [10.1029/2023jd038793]

Boisvert, L., C. L. Parker, and E. S. Valkonen. 2023. A warmer and wetter Arctic: insights from a 20-year AIRS record Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres 128 (20): []

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Parker, C. L., P. A. Mooney, M. A. Webster, and L. N. Boisvert. 2022. The influence of recent and future climate change on spring Arctic cyclones Nature Communications 13 (1): 6514 [10.1038/s41467-022-34126-7]

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Boisvert, L., R. Boeke, P. Taylor, and C. L. Parker. 2022. Constraining Arctic Climate Projections of Wintertime Warming With Surface Turbulent Flux Observations and Representation of Surface-Atmosphere Coupling Frontiers in Earth Science []

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Mooney, P., F. Mulligan, C. Bruyère, C. Parker, and D. Gill. 2019. Investigating the performance of coupled WRF-ROMS simulations of Hurricane Irene (2011) in a regional climate modeling framework Atmospheric Research 215 57-74 [10.1016/j.atmosres.2018.08.017]

Parker, C. L., C. L. Bruyère, P. A. Mooney, and A. H. Lynch. 2018. The response of land-falling tropical cyclone characteristics to projected climate change in northeast Australia Climate Dynamics 51 (9-10): 3467-3485 [10.1007/s00382-018-4091-9]

Parker, C. L., A. H. Lynch, and P. A. Mooney. 2017. Factors affecting the simulated trajectory and intensification of Tropical Cyclone Yasi (2011) Atmospheric Research 194 27-42 [10.1016/j.atmosres.2017.04.002]

Parker, C. L., A. H. Lynch, S. A. Spera, and K. R. Spangler. 2017. The Relationship between Tropical Cyclone Activity, Nutrient Loading, and Algal Blooms over the Great Barrier Reef Biogeosciences Discussions 1-35 [10.5194/bg-2017-23]

Selected Public Outreach

Australian Tropical Cyclones in a Warmer World

2019 - Present

Outreach piece discussing tropical cyclones and climate change on the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Capacity Center for Climate & Weather Extremes (C3WE) Blog


2021: NASA Robert H. Goddard Group Award for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Employment Opportunity. Awarded to the Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee

2021: Scientific Achievement Award, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Geophysics

Annual Peer Awards.

2016: First Place Student Oral Presenter award, 96th AMS Annual Meeting.

2014: Student award and honorable mention, 94th AMS Annual Meeting



Sea Ice Surface Evolution Flight Planning for ARCSIX

Arctic Radiation-Cloud-Aerosol-Surface Interaction Experiment - NASA (NNH21ZDA001N-ARCSIX:A.17 Arctic Radiation-Cloud-Aerosol-Surface Interaction Experiment) - Awarded: 2022-09-29

Dates: 2022-10-01  - 2026-03-01

Polar Regions in the Earth System

Horizon 2020 - EU - Awarded: 2021-09-01

Dates: 2021-09-01  - 2025-09-01

Investigating the Fate of the Sea Ice and Interaction with the Polar Atmosphere in the ‘New Arctic’

Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science - NASA (NNH19ZDA001N-IDS) - Awarded: 2020-04-01

Dates: 2020-06-15  - 2023-06-15

Improving Our Understanding of Precipitation Events in the Arctic

Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics - NASA (NNH19ZDA001N-ATDM) - Awarded: 2020-02-03

Dates: 2020-04-15  - 2024-04-15

Summer Visiting Scientist Grant - National Center for Atmospheric Research - Awarded: 2015-05-01

Dates:  - 

Graduate Student Fellowship - Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown University - Awarded: 2015-04-01

Dates:  - 

Other Professional Information

2021-present: Member of Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Island Employee Resource Group, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2019-2021: Invited Member, Copernicus Climate Data Store Focus Group                                

2020-present: Proposal Reviewer

2013-Present: Journal Reviewer                                                                                                    

Journal of Advance in Modeling Earth Systems, Annals of Glaciology, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Climate, Weather and Forecasting, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Journal of Hydrometeorology, Atmospheric Research, Climate Dynamics, Frontiers in Earth Science, Nature Communications Earth and Environment, Environmental Research Climate. 

2014-2017: Founding Member, Diversity Working Group, Brown University                                                            

Teaching Experience

Mentoring and Advising

PhD Research Advisor

2023-present: PhD Research Co-Advisor, Samantha Halstead Santez, Research and Thesis towards Doctorate of Philosophy in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Maryland.

2022-present: PhD Research Advisor, Gabrielle Linscott, Research and Thesis towards Doctorate of Philosophy in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Maryland.

2020-present: PhD Research Co-Advisor, Benjamin Woods, Research and Thesis towards Doctorate of Philosophy in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Maryland.

Undergraduate Research Advisor

2022-2023: Undergraduate Research Co-Advisor, Samantha Halstead Santez, NASA Internship and Capstone Thesis project for Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Maryland.

2018-2019: Mentor and Co-Advisor, Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Geology-Physics/Mathematics, Brown University.

2015: Mentor and Thesis Reader, Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Geology, Brown University.


2023: Instructor, Directed Research AOSC798 Section: 3001, University of Maryland

2017-2018: Co-Instructor, Undergraduate Independent Study Class and Summer Research in Geophysics, Brown University.

2015, 2017: Guest Lecturer, Global Water Cycle, Brown University

2015-2016: Guest Elementary Science Teacher, Vartan Gregorian, Providence, R.I.

2015: Teaching Assistant, Weather and Climate, Brown University

2013: Teaching Assistant, Climate and Climate Change, Brown University