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New York, NY 10025

Missions & Projects

Brief Bio

Dr. Cairns was educated in the United Kingdom at Chesterfield School and received an engineering degree from the University of Cambridge before completing a Ph. D. in physics at the Institute of Optics of the University of Rochester. He has worked at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies since 1992. His initial work was focused on developing parameterizations of three-dimensional radiation transport through clouds for use in general circulation models (GCMs) and that parameterization continues to be used in the GISS GCM. Since 1996 he has worked on the use of polarimetric remote sensing of the Earth to determine aerosol and cloud properties using ground based and airborne observations and was one of the developers of the airborne Research Scanning Polarimeter (RSP) instrument. The development of the RSP instrument was completed in 1999 and it made its first airborne measurements on a small Cessna survey plane. This sensor has obtained the most accurate polarization measurements of the atmosphere of the Earth ever made and over a broader spectral and angular range than any other polarimeter. The capability of these measurements to accurately retrieve aerosol and cloud properties has been widely recognized and has led to the development and planning of new instruments that attempt to provide similar capabilities. Since 2000 Dr. Cairns has led the integration of the RSP instrument onto five different platforms and supervised seventeen different field deployments from Mexico to the Canadian Arctic. During that time the RSP instrument performed impeccably acquiring more than 2000 hours of remote sensing observations. Dr. Cairns was instrument scientist for the Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor, which was on the NASA Glory mission that failed to reach orbit on 4th March 2011 and crashed into the South Pacific. He was also a member of the science-working groups appointed by NASA Headquarters to define the ACE and PACE missions that were recommended by the Decadal Survey of the National Academy of Sciences.

Research Interests

Polarimetric Calibration

Earth Science: Remote Sensing

Efficient and accurate techniques to calibrate polarimetric instrumentation that can be used in laboratory, field or spaceflight applications.

3D Radiative Transfer

Earth Science: Theory & Modeling

Effects of three-dimensional variability on radiative transfer and inverse modeling methods for retrieval of 3D distributions of clouds and aerosols from multi-angle multi-spectral intensity and polarization measurements.

Inversion of multiple-scattering data

Earth Science: Aerosols

High-dimensional data sets such as those produced by multi-angle multi-spectral intensity and polarimetric measurements require inversion techniques that make optimal use of the available data, whether it be passive only, or include lidar or radar remote sensing observations too. These inverse methods require efficient forward models that also provide the derivatives of the radiation field with respect to the parameters defining the aerosol and cloud fields that are to be retrieved. Efficient analytical methods can use modified vector adding/doubling calculations to implement such forward model capabilities and are currently being tested.

Hyperspectral Observations

Earth Science: Remote Sensing

Atmospheric correction of hyperspectral data and the use of hyperspectral measurements for atmospheric remote sensing. A hyperspectral radiative transfer code with 1 nm spectral resolution has been developed to facilitate the analysis of hyperspectral imaging radiometer data for atmospheric, land and ocean remote sensing.


Electro-optical engineer

Schlumberger Electronics - London, UK

April 1986 - September 1986

Development of sensors for use in Boeing fly-by-light program.  Primary task of developing read head for rotational position sensor using Gray code disk.  Also developed automated test equipment for position sensor using stepper motor and computer to do accelerated life testing of the position sensor.

Research Scientist

Columbia University - Morningside, New York, NY 10025

February 1992 - February 2007

Developed Monte Carlo radiative transfer code for the evaluation of a renormalization group approach to the incorporation of three-dimensional radiative transfer effects in a GCM.  Subsequently used ISCCP observations to develop an observationally based climatology of the three-dimensional effects as a function of cloud type.  Subsequently developed hyperspectral radiative transfer code for the analysis of Hyperion and HyperSpecTIR sensor imaging spectrometer observations. Developed airborne polarimetric sensor called the Research Scanning Polarimeter in conjunction with SpecTIR LLC. Updated vector radiative transfer code for the analysis of airborne remote sensing observations.

Senior Research Scientist

NASA GSFC - Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, NY 10025

March 2007 - Present

Instrument scientist for Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor on the NASA Glory mission.  Principal Investigator (PI) for operation of the Research Scanning Polarimeter in ARCTAS, RACORO, CalNEX, CARES, DEVOTE, TCAP, PODEX, SEAC4RS and SABOR.

Teaching Experience

Taught a remote sensing course in the Electrical Engineering department of the City College of New York for four years from 1996 to 2000.


March 1992 Ph.D. An investigation of multiple scattering and radiative transfer, University of Rochester, NY.
June 1988 M.S. Optical Engineering, University of Rochester, NY
June 1985 B.A. with 1st Class Honours, Cambridge University, Department of Engineering, Electrical Sciences Tripos, Cambridge, UK.

Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union

1996 - Present

American Meteorological Society

1993 - 2000

Professional Service

Served on ESTO review panels for their ACT and IIP programs.  Also served on numerous NASA science review panels.  Served on AMS Atmospheric Radiation committee and helped to organize 11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and the 11th Conference on Cloud Physics, 3-7 June 2002, Ogden, UT.


NASA Group Achievement Award, INTEX-B field campaign, 2007.
NASA Group Achievement Award, ARCTAS field campaign, 2009.
Certificate of Appreciation from NASA ESTO, 2010.
NASA GSFC Special Act – Individual Award, 2010.
NASA Center Team Award, RACORO field campaign, 2010.
NASA Performance Award for 2009-2010.
NASA Group Achievement Award, The Glory Project Team, 2011.
NASA Group Achievement Award, DEVOTE project team, 2012.
NASA Group Achievement Award, CLARREO mission concept team, 2012.
NASA Performance Award for 2012-2013.
NASA Performance Award for 2013-2014.


Polarimetric remote sensing of aerosols and clouds: Glory Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor Calibration and Validation - NASA (NNH10ZDA001N-SEAC4RS) - Awarded: 2011-08-01

Dates: 2011-08-01  - 2014-07-31

Coverage: 0.75

Amount $747K

Other Professional Information

Proficient German and French speaker.



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Talks, Presentations and Posters


Polarimetric Remote Sensing of Aerosols and Clouds

August 3, 2014

EUMETSAT is currently developing a polarimetric sensor for the Meteosat Second Generation platform called 3MI.  Dr. Cairns was invited to talk about his experience with the airborne Research Scanning Polarimeter and any lessons learned in the development of the Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor that might have value in their acquistion of 3MI.


Selected Public Outreach

Glory Project Outreach Team

April 2007 - 2009

RHG Exceptional Achievement Outreach Team award.

A Polarizing View of Clouds and Aerosols

2011 - 2011

Spoke at Desert Research Institute and Pyramid Lake High School on climate and what we can learn from polarimetric remote sensing.

A handheld polarimeter for aerosol remote sensing

April 2007 - Present

Work with Professor Jame Frost of Laguardia Community College to develop and build hand held polarimeters and analyse the measurements obtained with the hand held instruments.  Students build the instruments, take the measurements and perform the analysis giving them a complete view of what is required of a scientific measurement.