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Bin Tan

(Research Scientist)


Org Code: 619

Mail Code: 619
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

Dr. Bin Tan received his B.S. and M.S. from Peking University and his Ph.D. from Boston University majored in Remote Sensing. His Ph.D. research focused on impact of uncertainties on assessment and validation of MODIS LAI products. Dr Tan also maintained and developed MODIS landcover and phenology algorithm during his Post Doc at Boston University.
Dr. Tan started to support Code619 from 2007 and now he is a senior support scientist at Sigma Space Corp. Inc. He works on multiple projects including monitoring global urbanization, image navigation and registration evaluation for GOES-R, at launch sensor test evaluation for VIIRS, and upgrade geolocaiton operational algorithm for VIIRS.


Senior Support Scientist

Sigma Space Corp. Inc. - NASA/GSFC

2013 - Present

Senior Research Scientist

Earth Resources Technology, Inc - NASA/GSFC

2007 - 2013

Visiting Scholar

Boston University - Boston University

2007 - Present

Research Associate

Boston University - Boston University

2005 - 2007


Ph.D. in Geography, major in Remote Sensing, May 2005
Department of Geography, Boston University

M.S. in Geography, major in Remote Sensing and GIS, July 2001
Institute of Remote Sensing and GIS, Peking University, Beijing, China

B.S. in Geography, July 1998
Department of Urban Study and Environment Science, Peking University, Beijing, China



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