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Angel Mojarro


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Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

Dr. Angel Mojarro is a postdoctoral researcher and organic geochemist in the Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Dr. Mojarro's work is focused on biomarker preservation and the origins of life.

Current Projects



Postdoctoral Researcher

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Greenbelt, Maryland

March 2023 - Present

Graduate Research Assistant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Massachusetts

October 2017 - February 2023

Junior Researcher

Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts

April 2015 - September 2017

Research Staff Assistant

Columbia University - Palisades, New York

September 2012 - August 2014

Research Assistant

Brown University - Providence, Rhode Island

October 2009 - August 2012


Ph.D. in Geochemistry (2023), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Thesis: "Experiments on Biomarker Preservation."
  • Advisor: Dr. Roger E. Summons

Sc.B. in Geological Sciences (2011), Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island



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Mojarro, A., J. Hachey, R. Bailey, et al. M. Brown, R. Doebler, G. Ruvkun, M. T. Zuber, and C. E. Carr. 2019. Nucleic Acid Extraction and Sequencing from Low-Biomass Synthetic Mars Analog Soils for<i>In Situ</i>Life Detection Astrobiology 19 (9): 1139-1152 [10.1089/ast.2018.1929]

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