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Andriy Koval



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Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

Dr. Koval received Ph.D. in Plasma Physics (2006) from the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and Master's degree in Electronic Systems (2001) from the Sumy State University, Ukraine. In 2006 Dr. Koval received NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellowship Award and he was an NPP Fellow at the GSFC Heliospheric Physics Laboratory in 2006-2009. He has been an Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Baltimore County since 2009. Dr. Koval's interests include instruments for the solar wind observations (fluxgate magnetometers and Faraday Cups), solar wind discontinuities and their interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere, and the solar wind turbulence. He is currently the DSCOVR spacecraft Magnetometer Instrument Scientist, where he is responsible for the instrument calibration and the data processing algorithms. His responsibilities also include the calibration and data processing for the Magnetic Field Investigation instrument on the Wind spacecraft.