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Andrew Inglis



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Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

After obtaining his PhD in Physics from the University of Warwick in 2009, Dr Inglis joined Goddard Space Flight Center in 2010 as a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow in the Solar Physics Laboratory. Dr Inglis primarily worked on RHESSI observations, in combination with other Heliophysics instruments. In 2012 Dr Inglis joined the Catholic University of America as a Research Associate, in which role he remains based at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center through the PHASER cooperative agreement. His specialties include solar X-ray, EUV and radio observations, time-domain analysis of solar phenomena, waves and pulsations in the solar corona, and flare energetic processes. In recent years, his interests have expanded to include magnetospheric waves and stellar flares. He also served as a developer of the SunPy project, serving on the board between 2013 – 2017.

Dr Inglis also supports current missions and future mission development. He is a long-time member of the RHESSI data analyis team, and since 2020 is a member of the Solar Orbiter/SPICE team. He was also a co-investigator for the FIERCE medium explorer and FOXSI small explorer mission concepts. He has co-authored more than 45 publications in top astrophysics journals, achieving an h-index of 23.

Current Projects

The Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI)

The Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC)

Solar Orbiter / SPICE

Space Precipitation Impacts (SPI) team

Virtual Solar Observatory


Research Scientist

The Catholic University of America - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2012 - Present

NASA Postdoctoral Fellow

Oak Ridge Associated Universities - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2010 - 2012


  • PhD, Physics, University of Warwick, 2009
  • MPhys, Physics, University of Warwick, 2006

Professional Service

  • Co-Leader of an International Space Science Institute (ISSI) international team, 2021 - 2023
  • SunPy board member and secretary: 2013 - 2017


  • NASA Robert H. Goddard Honor Award for Science, 2021
  • NASA/GSFC Heliophysics Science Division Peer Award, 2015
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, RHESSI Science Team, 2013


Properties of confined coronal hard X-ray sources in solar flares - Heliophysics Supporting Research (HSR) - Awarded: 2014-06-01

The AFINO code as a complete, interdisciplinary python package - Heliophysics Data Environment Emphasis (HDEE) - Awarded: 2019-06-01

Comprehensively probing modulation of solar flare energy release with Fermi/GBM - Fermi Guest Investigator - Awarded: 2020-06-01

Multi-wavelength TESS-Swift-NICER observations of pulsations in flares on solar-type stars - TESS Guest Investigator Cycle 5 - Awarded: 2022-06-01