Sciences and Exploration Directorate

Amy L. McNally


Org Code: 619

Mail Code: 619
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Employer: NASA

Brief Bio

Dr. Amy McNally is a research scientist specializing in remote sensing, and hydrological modeling for water resources and agriculture applications. Amy specializes in research-to-operations, to keep user communities up-to-date with the latest science and technology to generate the best estimates of when, where, and how many people require humanitarian interventions to alleviate food and water insecurity.

Current Projects

Land surface modeling for monitoring and seasonal forecasting of agricultural water availability

Hydrology / Water Cycle


Extended outlooks for crop condition classifications and early warning

Hydrology / Water Cycle

Changes in planted area estimated from high resolution imagery

Remote Sensing


Research AST Earth Sciences Remote Sensing

NASA GSFC - Greenbelt, MD

April 2023 - Present

Specializing in the use of satellite remote sensing for informing decisions around food security and leading projects, activities, and partnerships related to environmental and agricultural monitoring and prediction. 

Sr. Research Scientist

SAIC - Washington, DC

April 2019 - March 2023

Agroclimatology advisor for USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, Famine Early Warning Systems Network

Assistant Researcher


February 2014 - March 2019

Characterizing, monitoring and projecting water Availability for acute food insecurity decision support


University of California - Santa Barbara, CA

October 2013 - February 2014

 A Land Data Assimilation System for Famine Early Warning, UCSB Dept of Geography Climate Hazards Group

Selected Publications


Hobbins, M., T. Jansma, D. P. Sarmiento, et al. A. McNally, T. Magadzire, H. Jayanthi, W. Turner, A. Hoell, G. Husak, G. Senay, O. Boiko, M. Budde, P. Mogane, and C. F. Dewes. 2023. A global long-term daily reanalysis of reference evapotranspiration for drought and food-security monitoring Scientific Data 10 (1): 746 [10.1038/s41597-023-02648-4]

Hoell, A., R. Robinson, L. Agel, et al. M. Barlow, M. Breeden, J. Eischeid, A. McNally, K. Slinksi, and X.-W. Quan. 2023. Changes to Middle East and Southwest Asia Compound Drought and Heat Since 1999 Journal of Climate [10.1175/jcli-d-23-0194.1]

Burrows, R. A., K. Grace, M. E. Brown, and A. McNally. 2023. Considering soil moisture in models of climate impacts on child health in farming-centric countries Population and Environment 45 (3): 15 [10.1007/s11111-023-00426-3]

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