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Abhishek Amit Desai

(NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow)

Abhishek Amit Desai's Contact Card & Information.
Org Code: 661
Mail Code 661
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

I received my PhD in 2019 from Clemson University, South Carolina. During my PhD years, I worked on studying the extragalactic background light (EBL) using Fermi LAT observations of active galactic nuclei (AGN) and gamma-ray bursts. I also worked as an instructor of astronomy for a summer school at John Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth.

I later got the John Bahcall fellowship at University of Wisconsin Madison to study the possibility of AGN being sources of astrophysical neutrinos seen by the IceCube detector. I worked on studying the radio neutrino correlation from AGN during my fellowship. I also worked on simulating the Galactic neutrino signal using a simulation package we developed named SNuGGY.

I am currently interested in using multimessenger + multiwavelength astronomy to explain processes happening inside an AGN. I plan to continue this work, extending to observations from NICER+Fermi-LAT and IceCube, at Goddard as a NPP fellow. I have not given up on Galactic neutrino signals too and plan to extend my simulation study to both high and low energy neutrinos.

Research Interests

Studying the X-ray and Neutrino Correlation in AGN

Astrophysics: X-ray Astrophysics

Upcoming X-ray missions and its connection to neutrinos

Astrophysics: Technology & Missions

"Simulating the Neutrino and Gamma-ray Galactic Yield (SNuGGY)" simulation

Astrophysics: Galaxies

Studying neutrino background from Supernovae

Astrophysics: Supernovae & SNRs