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GPM Outreach Team Focuses on Hurricane Hilary

Still from animation depicting Hurricane Hilary's path and rainfall The GPM Outreach Team developed a visualization and web story about heavy rainfall in the Southwest U.S. from Hurricane Hilary, the first tropical storm to strike California since 1939. The animation was developed by Jason West (619/KBR), and the story was written by Stephen Lang (612/SSAI) with edits by Jacob Reed (617/Telophase). Jacob posted the story to the website and helped share the story on @NASAAtmosphere social media

Wilcox Featured as Earthdata User Profile

Dr. Eric Wilcox was featured in an Earthdata User Profile. The profile highlights Dr. Wilcox’s research on light-absorbing aerosols using LAADS DAAC’s atmospheric data.

Brazilian Wildfires Captured by NASA TROPESS

The Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) published a Data-in-Action web article, entitled “Brazilian Wildfires Captured by NASA TROPESS”, authored by Kristan Morgan (619/ADNET) and Lauren Hill-Beaton (619/ADNET). The article describes the observations of carbon monoxide, methane, and peroxyacetyl nitrate emissions from fires in Amazonia occurring in the 2022 dry season. The data, acquired by the Ozone Measuring Instrument (OMI), was processed by the TRopospheric Ozone and Precursors from Earth System Sounding (TROPESS) project.
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The Terrestrial Information Systems Laboratory produces stable, well calibrated, and scientifically validated products from Earth observing satellites. These products fill the needs of researchers at Goddard Space Flight Center working to advance understanding of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere on a global scale. The Laboratory partners with other federal agencies to develop and operate computing systems that provide custom products in near real-time for applied research and applications.

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