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Cyclone Duo Hits the Middle East

ithin the span of one week, two tropical cyclones barreled down on the Middle East.

NASA Scientist to Discuss 'Mapping the Blue Marble: Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability' at Library of Congress Lecture

The public is invited to a free talk called 'Mapping the Blue Marble: Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability,' with Dr. John Bolten.

NASA's Terra Satellite Spots Arizona's Tinder Fire

NASA's Terra satellite detected heat signatures from the Tinder Fire, burning in northern Arizona.

Flamboyan (Southern Indian Ocean)

Flamboyan, the 21st tropical cyclone of the Southern Indian Ocean season, formed over the weekend of April 28 and 29.

Agricultural Fires Light Up Guinea and Sierra Leone

NASA's Suomi NPP satellite collected this natural-color image which detected many fires burning in northwestern Africa.

Smog Smothers Solar Energy in China

New research shows that China's smog not only dims the daylight and makes the air hard to breathe, but it reduces the amount of sunlight reaching its solar panels.

2020 Decadal Survey Missions: At a Glance

Any telescope that reaches the launch pad in the 2030s likely will look much different than the concepts four teams are currently studying to inform the 2020 Decadal Survey for Astrophysics, but the studies do offer a roadmap.

NASA Teams Study the Agency’s Future in Astrophysics; Tackle Formidable Technology Challenges

As in past decades, the agency won’t make that decision in a vacuum or without understanding the technical obstacles, which are formidable.

Florida Keys' Big Pine Key Suffers Brush Fire Outbreak

On Big Pine Key, Florida Sunday, April 22, 2018, a fast-moving brush fire broke out.

Northern Parts of Australia See Combo of Bush and Prescribed Fires

A combination of both bushfires and prescribed fires dot the landscape in the Northern and Western Territories of Australia in this Suomi NPP satellite image from April 17, 2018.

Prescribed Fires Light Up Tasmania

The Tasmania Fire Service webpage shows that all fires captured in this Aqua image from April 20, 2018 are, in fact, fires deliberately set for land management.

Oklahoma's Rhea Fire Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

The Rhea Fire, located 1/2 mile west of Rhea, Oklahoma, began on April 12, 2018. Its cause is currently unknown.

Fires in Oklahoma Continue to Burn Hot

According to Inciweb: "The Rhea Fire started on Thursday April 12, 2018. It is located in Dewey County, northeast of Leedey Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Sees Spate of Fires Including the Shaw Fire

According to the Oklahoma Forestry Service (OFS) there are at least 23 fires burning across the state which began due to extreme fire weather ongoing in the area.

Fires in Ukraine Most Likely Agricultural in Nature

The VIIRS active fire global map detected 552 fires in the Ukraine on April 09, 2018.

Indochina Sees Huge Numbers of Fires Across Landscape

The VIIRS active fire global map detected over 2,000 fires throughout Indochina on April 09, 2018.

Keni (Southern Pacific Ocean)

A low pressure area that has been lingering near Vanuatu in the Southern Pacific Ocean has consolidated into a tropical cyclone.

Fires in Russia near the China Border

Fires were spotted in the Amur Oblast province of eastern Russia near Shimanovsk.

Vast Dust Storms in the Sahara

In late March 2018, North Africa endured a maelstrom of sand, with far-reaching effects.

Bits of the Sahara on the Move

Scientists estimate that winds and storms pick up roughly 180 million tons of dust from the Sahara Desert each year and deposit it in the Atlantic Ocean and on the Americas.

Saharan Dust Makes Orange Snow

In late March 2018, the people of Eastern Europe and Russia found their snow cover had a distinctly orange tint.

Wildfires Break Out in Southern Florida

It is the end of March and wildfires are already breaking out in the South

Jelawat (Western Pacific Ocean)

Tropical Depression Jelawat, a newly-formed tropical cyclone over Western Micronesia is expected to strengthen into a Tropical Storm.

Southeastern U.S. Sees Wildfire Activity

Mid-March saw a lot of fire activity in the southeastern United States, mostly in Oklahoma and Texas.

Nora (was 16P) - Southern Pacific Ocean

NASA satellite imagery showed that Tropical Cyclone Nora developed an eye as it strengthened into a hurricane north of Australia.
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