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India's Deadly Monsoon Rainfall Measured With NASA's IMERG

This year's monsoon has been assessed as average but India's Meteorological Department statistics show that daily mean rainfall for the country has recently been above normal.

Severe Rainfall and Flooding in Japan

After being soaked in just a few days with double the amount of rain that falls in a normal July, parts of Japan are facing their worst flooding disaster in 35 years.

Fabio (Eastern Pacific)

NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core observatory satellite flew above Tropical Storm Fabio in the eastern Pacific Ocean as the storm was quickly strengthening into a hurricane.

Help NASA Track and Predict Mosquito-Borne Disease Outbreaks

Picnics, parades and fireworks are the attributes of a grand July Fourth celebration. So are the itch and scratch of mosquito bites.

Emilia (Eastern Pacific Ocean)

NASA infrared data reveals Tropical Storm Emilia is strengthening.

Prapiroon (was 09W -Northwestern Pacific Ocean)

When the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, it saw very heavy rainfall occurring in one part of Tropical Storm Prapiroon.

NASA Examines a Powerful Thunderstorm Complex over Oklahoma

When a powerful complex of thunderstorms affected Oklahoma NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite analyzed the power of those storms.

NASA’s IMERG Examines Flooding in Southern Texas From Tropical Disturbance

While Tropical Storm Bud was lashing parts of western Mexico and causing flooding, a tropical disturbance was spinning over the Gulf of Mexico and straddling southeastern Texas.

GPM Satellite Probes Soaking Storms in Southern Texas and the Gulf

Southern Texas and the western Gulf of Mexico is getting a soaking because of a low pressure system.

NASA Measures Heavy U.S. Rainfall From Space

For close to two weeks the combination of a nearly stationary front and tropical moisture caused almost continuous precipitation over much of the Mid-Atlantic.

NASA Scientist to Discuss 'Mapping the Blue Marble: Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability' at Library of Congress Lecture

The public is invited to a free talk called 'Mapping the Blue Marble: Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability,' with Dr. John Bolten.

NASA's IMERG Shows Devastating Rainfall Over East Africa

Heavy seasonal rainfall has recently caused flooding in Kenya and NASA analyzed and estimated the total rainfall using data from a suite of satellites and gauges.

NASA’s GPM Examines Developing U.S. Severe Weather

The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite has been busy analyzing severe weather in the U.S.

Rain Drenches Kauai

The north shore of the Hawaiian island Kauai may have set a national record for the most rainfall ever in a 24-hour period, according to preliminary data.

2020 Decadal Survey Missions: At a Glance

Any telescope that reaches the launch pad in the 2030s likely will look much different than the concepts four teams are currently studying to inform the 2020 Decadal Survey for Astrophysics, but the studies do offer a roadmap.

NASA Teams Study the Agency’s Future in Astrophysics; Tackle Formidable Technology Challenges

As in past decades, the agency won’t make that decision in a vacuum or without understanding the technical obstacles, which are formidable.

Fakir (Southern Indian Ocean)

The southwest Indian Ocean cyclone season started on November 15, 2017 and will officially end on April 30, 2018.

NASA GPM Data Used to Evaluate Hawaii's Flooding Rainfall

A weather system moving slowly westward through the northwestern Hawaiian Islands has caused destructive flooding and mudslides and NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite analyzed the heavy rainfall.

John Yorks Has a CATS Eye on Clouds

I am an atmospheric scientist working with mesoscale atmospheric processes which, in my case, means studying clouds and tiny particles in the atmosphere called aerosols using laser instrumentation.

NASA's GPM Catches Line of Strong Storms Responsible for Tornadoes in Eastern U.S.

On Sunday April 15th, a line of strong storms at one point stretched from the Florida Straits below the Florida Keys all the way up the East Coast and into Ohio.

Do-It-Yourself Science: Because We Are All Explorers

In the mornings, Sylvia Beer sits at the desktop computer in her living room with a cup of coffee and looks for ridges on Mars.

Vast Dust Storms in the Sahara

In late March 2018, North Africa endured a maelstrom of sand, with far-reaching effects.

Eliakim (Southern Indian Ocean)

NASA got an inside look at the heavy rainfall within developing Tropical cyclone Eliakim.

Hola (South Pacific Ocean)

NASA obtained rainfall data on newly formed Tropical Cyclone Hola as it triggered warnings in Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean.

NASA's GPM Observes Arkansas and Tennessee Flooding Downpours

The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite provided forecasters with a look at the rainfall rates in storms drenching Arkansas and Tennessee.
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