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Gita (Southwest Pacific Ocean)

NASA’s GPM core satellite examined rainfall in Tropical Cyclone Gita soon after the storm came together.

NASA Seeks the Gold in Winter Olympics Snow

The Global Precipitation Measurement team is conducting ground validation experiments during the winter Olympics in South Korea.

Celebrating 60 Years of Groundbreaking U.S. Space Science

Sixty years ago, the U.S. launched Explorer 1, rocketing into the Space Age.

France's Flooding Rains Examined by NASA’s IMERG

Eastern France has experienced unusually heavy rainfall this month and NASA satellite data has helped determine where the largest rainfall occurred.

Explorer 1: The Beginning of American Space Science

Sixty years ago, the hopes of Cold War America soared into the night sky as a rocket lofted skyward above Cape Canaveral, a soon-to-be-famous barrier island off the Florida coast.

NASA Calculated Heavy Rainfall Leading to California Mudslides

Winter rains falling on recently burned ground triggered deadly mudslides in Santa Barbara County, California on January 9.

Irving (Southern Indian Ocean)

On Jan. 8, Tropical Cyclone Irving was hurricane-force in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Bolaven (was 01W - NW Pacific Ocean)

The first tropical depression of the northwestern Pacific Ocean 2018 tropical cyclone season didn't waste any time forming after the first of the new year.

Hilda (Southern Indian Ocean)

NASA Finds Heavy Rain in New Tropical Cyclone Hilda.

Agricultural Fires in Africa Stretch the Whole of the Continent

The VIIRS instrument on the Suomi NPP satellite collected this image which detected hundreds upon hundreds of fires burning in Central Africa. Most likely these fires are agricultural in nature.

NASA Goddard Year in Review - 2017

A look back at 2017 at NASA Goddard.

04B - Northern Indian Ocean

NASA analyzed the rainfall generated by short-lived Tropical Cyclone 04B that formed and faded over a day in the Bay of Bengal.

NOAA’s GOES-S Arrives at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for Launch Processing

NOAA’s GOES-S satellite arrived safely at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility, Florida, to prepare for its launch planned for March 1, 2018.

NASA Views Severe Rain Storms Over Western Saudi Arabia

As intense rain storms moved into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Nov. 21, NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Mission or GPM core satellite analyzed the severe storms.

Flash Floods in Greece

Late on November 14, 2017, a slow-moving weather system in the Mediterranean brought torrential rain and flash floods to Greece.

From Microscopic to Multicellular: Six Stories of Life that NASA Sees from Space

Scientists have use satellites to understand how life flourishes and fades on our planet. These selected visual stories of bacteria, plants, land animals, sea creatures and birds show what a view from space can reveal.

NASA's GPM Radar Spots Tornado Spawning Thunderstorms in Ohio Valley

Severe weather that rolled through the Ohio Valley on Nov. 5 was analyzed by NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite.

Nate (was TD16 - Southwestern Caribbean Ocean)

After tropical depression 16 formed in the southwestern Caribbean Sea it continued organizing and strengthening.

Update: Maria (Atlantic Ocean)

Satellite data is enabling forecasters to look inside and outside of powerful Hurricane Maria.

Update: Jose (Eastern Atlantic Ocean)

Hurricane Jose producing dangerous surf and rip currents along the east Coast of the United States.

UPDATE: Irma (Atlantic Ocean)

NASA's Terra satellite and NOAA's GOES East satellite have been just two of the fleet of satellites monitoring the life and death of former Hurricane Irma.

Doksuri (was 21W - NW Pacific Ocean)

NASA's Aqua satellite measured cloud top temperatures in newly formed Tropical Depression 21W in the South China Sea and found a large area of strong thunderstorms around the center of circulation.

Otis (was 15E - Eastern Pacific)

NASA's Aqua satellite measured cloud top temperatures in newly formed Tropical Depression 15E in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and found some strong storms.

Update: Katia (Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico)

Two days of satellite imagery from NASA's Terra and NOAA's GOES East satellites showed that Hurricane Katia was starting to crawl to the coast of southeastern Mexico.

19W (NW Pacific Ocean)

NASA's Aqua satellite looked at cloud top temperatures in Tropical Depression 19W as it developed just north of northern coast of Luzon, Philippines.
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