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Isaias – (was PTC 9) – Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Storm Isaias made landfall late on Aug. 3 and by today, Aug. 4, the huge storm stretched from Virginia to Maine.

TD10 – Atlantic Ocean

NASA’s Aqua satellite provided a visible image of what is expected to be a new short-lived tropical depression in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

Sinlaku – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

NASA’s Aqua satellite obtained visible imagery of a newly developed tropical storm in the South China Sea, the same day it was forecast to make landfall.

Hagupit – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite provided forecasters with a visible image of Typhoon Hagupit in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean that showed the development of an eye as it quickly intensified.

NASA Sees Hanna Strengthen into First Atlantic Hurricane of 2020

NASA satellite imagery revealed powerful thunderstorms fueled the intensification of Hanna into a hurricane along the Texas coast.

Update 2: Douglas – Eastern Pacific Ocean

Imagery from NASA’s Terra satellite was used to create an animation showing Douglas’ movement past the Hawaiian Islands.

Update: Douglas – Eastern Pacific Ocean

Hurricane Douglas is a major hurricane tracking through the Central Pacific Ocean on a forecast track to Hawaii.

Hanna (was TD08) – Gulf of Mexico

NASA’s Aqua satellite used infrared light to identify the strongest storms and coldest cloud top temperatures in Tropical Depression 8, spinning in the Gulf of Mexico.

Excessive Monsoon Rains Flood Asia

By mid-July 2020, rainfall had triggered flooding and landslides that affected millions of people across South and East Asia.

Gonzalo – Atlantic Ocean

The seventh named tropical cyclone of the North Atlantic Ocean has formed, and like some others this season, it has broken a record.

Douglas – Eastern Pacific Ocean

Tropical Depression 8E developed on July 20 and quickly organized into a tropical storm

07E – Eastern Pacific Ocean

The seventh tropical depression of the Eastern Pacific Ocean has formed. NASA’s Terra satellite used infrared light to identify the area of strongest storms and coldest cloud top temperatures in Tropical Depression 7E.

06E – Eastern Pacific Ocean

NASA’s Aqua satellite used infrared light to identify the strongest storms and coldest cloud top temperatures in Tropical Depression 6E.

Fay – Atlantic Ocean

NASA used satellite data to create an animation of Fay’s development and progression over the past few days, showing how the storm organized into a tropical storm.

Cristina – Eastern Pacific Ocean

A low-pressure area strengthened quickly and became Tropical Storm Cristina in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and infrared imagery from NASA revealed the powerful thunderstorms fueling that intensification.

Edouard – Atlantic Ocean

The latest tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean formed one day ago and was already being battered by wind shear.

Dolly (was Subtropical Depression 4) – North Atlantic Ocean

During the morning of June 23, the fourth system in the Northern Atlantic Ocean was a subtropical depression. By the afternoon, the subtropical depression took on tropical characteristics and was renamed Dolly.

Satellites Have Drastically Changed How We Forecast Hurricanes

This video looks at advances in hurricane forecasting, with a focus on the contributions from weather satellites.

Personalizing Precipitation Data: 5 Questions with Andrea Portier

Andrea Portier is an application and outreach coordinator for the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM), a joint NASA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency mission. She works with operational groups like NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, private industries and general public about uses of the satellite data.

Space Apps COVID-19 Hackathon Brings 15,000 Together Worldwide

Poetry. Mobile apps to promote mental health. Rooftop gardening solutions. Drone delivery for food. These are just some of the projects participants dreamed up in the NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge, a virtual global hackathon aimed at innovations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cristobal Drenches Central America

The storm lingered over the Yucatán Peninsula for several days.

Cristobal (was 03L) – Atlantic Ocean

Infrared imagery from NASA’s Aqua satellite showed that strong storms from a redeveloped tropical cyclone were soaking parts of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Nisarga – North Indian Ocean

Satellite data of Tropical Cyclone Nisarga’s cloud top temperatures revealed that the storm had strengthened before it began making landfall in west central India.

Amanda – Eastern Pacific

Tropical Storm Amanda, the first of the Eastern Pacific Ocean hurricane season, formed on Sunday, May 31, along the coast of Guatemala and quickly moved inland.

Bertha – Atlantic Ocean

The second tropical storm of the North Atlantic Ocean hurricane season has formed off the coast of South Carolina.
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