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NASA Maintains Contractual Relationship with Astra, Presses Forward with TROPICS Mission

Recognizing the urgent science needs, NASA is adjusting its launch services plan to complete the timely launch of a CubeSat constellation designed to improve understanding of tropical cyclones.

Hurricane Ian Reaches Florida

After damaging parts of Cuba and leaving the country dark, more destruction was expected as the powerful hurricane reached Florida’s western coast.

Noru Strikes the Philippines

After making landfall in the Polillo Islands and Luzon, the storm strengthened again as it headed toward Vietnam.

NASA Scientists from Goddard, Johnson Centers Elected as AGU Fellows

NASA scientists Matthew Rodell and Wei-Kuo Tao, both of the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, as well as Michael Zolensky, of Johnson Space Center in Houston, have been elected as American Geophysical Union (AGU) fellows, three of 54 individuals in the 2022 class.

Canada Braces for Fiona

After buffeting Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Bermuda, the hurricane appeared destined to be one of the strongest storms to ever reach the Canadian Maritimes.

Potent Storms Hit Puerto Rico, Japan

Fiona and Nanmadol dropped several feet of rain on the islands on opposite sides of the world.

Typhoon Muifa Lands Near Shanghai

The category 2 storm came ashore near China’s largest metropolitan area and several of the world’s major shipping ports.

Typhoon Hinnamnor

On August 30, the storm became the first category 5 cyclone on Earth in 2022.

Extreme Rainfall Leads to Midwest Flooding

Such extreme precipitation events and weather are becoming more likely with climate change.

NASA Aircraft Conducting Atmospheric Studies Over DC to Baltimore

A NASA aircraft will fly over the I-95 corridor from Washington to Baltimore and Hampton, Virginia, in support of an atmospheric campaign in the mid-Atlantic region between July 5 and 16, 2022.

Update on NASA's TROPICS-1 Mission

While we are disappointed in the loss of the two TROPICS CubeSats, the mission is part of NASA’s Earth venture program, which provides opportunities for lower-cost, higher risk missions. Despite a loss of the first two of six satellites, TROPICS will still meet its science objectives with the four remaining CubeSats distributed in two orbits.

NASA to Launch 6 Small Satellites to Monitor, Study Tropical Cyclones

This month, NASA is launching the first two of six small satellites to study the formation and development of tropical cyclones almost every hour – about four to six times more often than is possible with current satellites.

Five Questions to Help You Understand Hurricanes and Climate Change

What’s the recipe for hurricane formation, and how is the behavior of these storms changing as Earth’s long-term warming trend continues? NASA research answers these questions to help you understand how excess heat in Earth’s oceans is changing the way hurricanes form and evolve.

NASA Scientists Available for 2022 Hurricane Season Interviews

The Atlantic Ocean hurricane season begins today, June 1, and runs through Nov. 30 and NASA is once again prepared to help understand and monitor storms from its unique vantage point of space.

JPSS and GOES-R Exhibit Ribbon Cutting

On May 19, 2022, the Goddard Visitor Center held a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new exhibit by the JPSS and GOES-R Series programs. Located on the outer edge of the Rocket Garden, the exhibit features an abstract kinetic sculpture with three mirrored orbs, representing the Sun, Earth and the satellites, that are activated by the wind.

Join NASA's Earth Day Event

Join us in person or virtually. Registration is open for virtual events.

NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Every #NASAEarthling

NASA’s space exploration continues to inspire us to be better stewards of our planet and Earth Day is a great time to celebrate what we’ve done and can do to keep Earth everyone’s favorite planet in the universe.

Deluge in South Africa

In the KwaZulu-Natal coastal province, heavy rainfall spurred deadly flooding and landslides.

NASA Invites Media to 59th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium

Media are invited to meet leaders in space exploration at the 59th annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium, taking place on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park, from March 23 to 25. Attendees also have the option to watch the symposium online.

Storm-Ravaged Madagascar Faces Another Storm

Cyclone Emnati marks the fifth time in six weeks that heavy rain and destructive wind are blowing in from the Indian Ocean.

Bracing for Batsirai

After being soaked in January by persistent, flooding rainstorms and a tropical storm, citizens of Madagascar are bracing for another potent cyclone.

NASA Invites Media to Learn About Mission Studying Snowstorms

NASA will hold a briefing for members of the media to learn more about an airborne science campaign studying snowstorms at 11 a.m. EST Thursday, Feb. 10. The agency will stream audio of the call live online.

Blizzard Blankets Northeast U.S. in Snow

Twelve states from North Carolina to Maine received measurable snowfall from the nor'easter, which included hurricane-force wind gusts.

NASA-supported Prototype Turns Earth Data into 3D Video Dashboard

NASA field campaigns return vast troves of valuable data. Sometimes, however, processing so much raw information and related satellite imagery can slow the pace of scientific discovery. To combat that lag in output, researchers and programmers have developed a prototype 3D video dashboard for data from field campaigns...

NASA Planes Fly into Snowstorms to Study Snowfall

The IMPACTS team is tracking storms across the Midwest and Eastern United States in two NASA planes equipped with scientific instruments to help understand the inner workings of winter storms as they form and develop.

Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 913.

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