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Current Projects

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The GES DISC Goddard Earth Science Data and Information Science Center offers Earth science data, information, and services with a focus on Precipitation, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics, and related disciplines.

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The NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group supports the collection, processing, calibration, validation, archive and distribution of ocean-related products from a number of missions.

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The Precipitation Processing System (PPS) processes and analyzes and rainfall and other data from Precipitation based missions. It also provides validation from nearly a dozen TRMM ground radar sites.

Key Personnel

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Office News

Version 2 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Earth System Data Record (ESDR) Released

The GES DISC (610.2) and the NASA Goddard Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory released a new Version 2 of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Earth System Data Record (ESDR). The data are based on Backscatter Ultraviolet (BUV) measurements from the Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS) Nadir Mapper (NM), flown on the NASA/NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) satellite.

Two CrIS/VIIRS Collocated Datasets Released

GES DISC, Code 610.2 – The Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) L1B development team at the University of Wisconsin, the Visible Infrared Image Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Atmosphere Science Investigator-led Processing System (SIPS) at the University of Wisconsin, and the Jet Propulsion Lab Sounder SIPS jointly released two CrIS/VIIRS collocated datasets for the Sounder science community's research needs. These datasets are termed an IMG (imager collocation) product. The initial IMG products are only available for S-NPP (Suomi-National Polar-orbiting Partnership), but NOAA-20 (known prelaunch as the Joint Polar-orbiting Satellite System-1, JPSS-1) datasets will also be produced upon availability of the upstream VIIRS cloud mask. Additional information can be found here and here.

Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Carbon Flux Version 2 Product Released

The GES DISC, Code 610.2, released Version 2 of the Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Carbon Flux data sets. These 6 new datasets contain global estimates of various components of the carbon cycle, constrained by satellite observations, produced CMS-Flux carbon cycle data assimilation system. Version 2 of this dataset extends the record from 2010 through 2016.
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The Global Change Data Center (GCDC) is an office in the Earth Sciences Division located at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The GCDC:

  • provides multi-mission data and information systems to generate and distribute products from Earth observing satellites;
  • supports collaboration to promote the interchange and reuse of technology, data and services among developers and users;
  • conducts research in algorithm development, product validation, data discovery and science applications; and
  • leverages staff expertise in system management, system development, standards and program support on behalf of external organizations.

Contact Us

Dr. Stephen W Wharton
Chief [610.2]
Tiajuana L Perry
Administrative Assistant [610.2]

General inquiries about the scientific programs at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center may be directed to the Center Office of Communications at 1.301.286.8955 or the Center's Questions and Comments Page.

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