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Robert H. Goddard Award – Quality and Process Improvement

Recipients: Swift Mission Operations Center Show all Recipients , Code 600 Foreign Travel LSS

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science Teams

Recipients: General Coordinates Network Circular Team Show all Recipients , JPSSS-2 Instrument and Imagery Cal & Val Teams, PRIME Wide Field Imager Team, WSA Team

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science

Recipients: Tyler Parsotan (661) Show all Recipients , Helen M Amos (610), Antonia Gambacorta (613), Sampa Das (614), Scott Friedman, James Fuentes, Hyunju K Connor (673), Thomas J. Fauchez (693), Brian D Beckley (61A)

Robert H. Goddard Award - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Recipients: Tiffany Lewis (661) Show all Recipients , Trena M Ferrell (610), Gregory Mosby (665)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science

Recipients: Sibasish Laha (661), Tonia Moira Venters (661) Show all Recipients , James Carr, Amin Dezfuli (610.1), Robert Alexander Emberson (617), Maurice A Leutenegger (662), Julie M. Nicely (614), Jackson Tan (613), Jia Yue (674), Consortium for Hayabusa2 Analysis of Organic Solubles, GEDI Mission and Science Operations Team, Global Precipitation Climatology Project Team, Landsat Calibration and Validation Team

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Recipients: Sibasish Laha (661) Show all Recipients , Jane R Rigby (665), Michael W McElwain (667), Charles Nickolos Arge (671)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Recipient: Time-domain Astrophysics Coordination Hub Team
TACH Team members include: Scott Barthelmy, Chris Bolt, Eric Burns, Dakota Dutko, Joe Foster, Meredith Gibb, Victor Gonzalez-Leon, Tess Jeffe, Israel Martinez, Teresa Sheets, Paul Shoemaker, Leo Singer, Alan Smale, Donggeun Tak, and Judith Racusin.

HEAD Mid-Career Prize

Recipient: Brad Cenko (661)
The 2022 HEAD Mid-Career Prize is awarded to Dr. Brad Cenko "for outstanding leadership, discovery and characterization of high-energy transient phenomena from tidal disruption events, counterparts to gravitational wave mergers, and gamma ray bursts."

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Public Achievement Medal

Recipients: Eric Burns Show all Recipients , Kyle Robert Murphy (674), Katelynn Greer

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Public Achievement Medal

Recipients: Katja Pottschmidt (661) Show all Recipients , Jacob B Reed (617), Lisa M Crisp (699)

AAS Fellows

Recipients: Sangeeta Malhotra (661) Show all Recipients , Alice K Harding (663), Maxim L Markevitch (662), John C Mather (660), William D Pence (662), Tod E Strohmayer (662), Jean Hebb Swank (662), Kimberly A Weaver (662)
The Fellows program of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), the major organization of professional astronomers in North America, was established in 2019 to honor members for their contributions toward the AAS mission of enhancing and sharing humanity's scientific understanding of the universe. The following members of ASD were honored among the first group of AAS Fellows, announced Feb. 25:

Edward Cheng
Alice Harding
Sangeeta Malhotra
Maxim Markevitch
John Mather
William Pence
Tod Strohmayer
Jean Hebb Swank
Kimberly Weaver

Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship

Recipient: Regina M Caputo (she/her) (661)
Congratulations to Regina Caputo on her selection as a Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellow.

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach

Recipients: Fermi@10 Team (Elizabeth Ferrara) Show all Recipients , Yaireska M Collado-Vega (674), LRO Public Engagement Team (Noah Petro), ICESat-2 Outreach Team (Valerie Casasanto)

GSFC Honor Award - Robert H. Goddard Award of Merit

Recipients: Scott D Barthelmy (661) Show all Recipients , James F Gleason (614), Robert F Pfaff (675)

GSFC Honor Award - New Opportunities Captured Team

Recipients: BurstCube Team (Jeremy Perkins) Show all Recipients , Enceladus Life Signatures and Habitability (ELSAH) Mission Team (Jennifer Eigenbrode)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Service Medal

Recipients: Scott D Barthelmy (661) Show all Recipients , George J Huffman (612)

NASA Honor Award - Distinguished Service Medal

Recipients: Neil Gehrels Show all Recipients , Dennis C Reuter (693)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Recipients: Sylvain Germain Guiriec (661), John W Mitchell (661) Show all Recipients , George V Khazanov (673), Virgil Kunde, Ping Yang

Dan David Prize

Recipient: Neil Gehrels
Neil Gehrels was posthumously awarded the $1 million 2017 Dan David Prize for "being the principal investigator of NASA's Swift Gamma Ray Burst Mission, which has transformed our view of the transient and variable sky in gamma-rays and in X-rays."

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Recipients: Super TIGER Recovery Team (Thomas Hams) Show all Recipients , Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Science Team (Alan Title), MMS/FPI Commissioning Team (Alexander Barrie), MODIS Characterization Support Team (Xiaoxiong Xiong), STORM Suborbital Rocket Experiment Team (David Sibec), VIIRS Level-1 Software Working Group (Frederick Patt)

Breakthrough Prizes in Fundamental Physics

Recipients: Neil Gehrels (661), Leo Pound Singer (661) Show all Recipients , Jordan B Camp (663)
Please congratulate our scientists Neil Gehrels, Jordan Camp and Leo Singer on their receipt of a Special Award made to the LIGO team by Yuri Milner. The award is a special addition to the Breakthrough Prizes in Fundamental Physics awarded every fall. The LIGO team are receiving this award for the first detection of ripples in space time, known as gravitational waves, from the collision of two gigantic black holes. Further details are contained in the New York Times article.

GSFC Honor Award - Science

Recipients: Brad Cenko (661) Show all Recipients , Alexander Marshak (613), Nai-Yung Christina Hsu (613), Lok N Lamsal (614), Matthew T Deland (614), Francesco Tombesi (662), Hiroya Yamaguchi (662), Stefanie N Milam (691), Avi M Mandell (693), Michael Doyle Smith (693), Caroline Freissinet (699)

IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Astrophysics

Sept, 2015
Recipient: Sylvain Germain Guiriec (661)
The 2015 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Astrophysics was awarded to Sylvain Guiriec for his “insightful and innovative contributions towards understanding the nature of Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) prompt emission, in particular the establishment of multi-component spectra, and the discovery of a new Peak Energy – Luminosity relation showing that GRBs can be used as standard candles and thereby as unique cosmological probes.”
2015 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Astrophysics

Klumpke-Roberts Award of The Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Jul, 2015
Recipients: Jerry T Bonnell (660), Bob Nemiroff (Michigan Tech)
The Klumpke-Roberts Award of the ASP is awarded annually to an individual or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy. Jerry and Bob were selected for their work on Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific

GSFC Honor Award - Science

Recipients: David J Thompson (661) Show all Recipients , Steven L Snowden (662), Tod E Strohmayer (662)

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