NASA GSFC Space Weather Center

NASA GSFC Space Weather Center

Alert update regarding Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) posted on August 04,2011

 From: GSFC-Space-Weather-Desk 
 Date: August 4, 2011 8:29:50 PM EDT
 To: GSFC-Space-Weather-Desk 
 Subject: Space Weather Alert - CME update

 ## NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Space Weather Laboratory ( SWL )
 ## Message Type: Space Weather Alert
 ## Message Issue Date: 2011-08-05T00:30:00Z
 ## Message ID: 20110805-AL-001

 Here is the update on the three CMEs within the last three days.

    Starting time        Speed (km/s)       Direction (LON/LAT in HEE)      Half opening angle (degrees)      Detecting spacecraft (real-time)
 1. 2011-08-02T06:40Z      ~ 900                     15/4                           35                          STEREO A, B and SOHO
 2. 2011-08-03T13:55Z      ~ 1320                    30/15                          44                          STEREO A, B and SOHO
 3. 2011-08-04T04:10Z      ~ 1950                    40/14                          60                          STEREO A, B and SOHO

Based on our latest heliospheric modeling results that include all three CMEs, the first CME is expected to have arrived at L1 around 2011-08-04T21:29Z (in fact, the ACE spacecraft at L1 already saw it at ~ 2011-08-04T21:00Z). The last two CMEs appear to have merged together. It is estimated that the combined CMEs will reach Earth (at L1) at about 2011-08-05T10:00Z (plus minus 7 hours).

 Links to the movies of the modeled event (with all three CMEs included):

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