Heliophysics Science Division Seminar

About the Seminar

The Heliophysics Science Division conducts weekly science seminars. Heliophysics is a new division in the Science Mission Directorate at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. It has been formed out of portions of the old Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics (LEP, 690), Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics (680), and Space Science Data Operations Office (630). It was previously known as the Laboratory for Solar and Space Physics (LSSP). At the present time, seminars are held on Fridays at noon in the Conference Room (Room 183) in Building 21 at Goddard. The topics cover the interests of the Laboratory, including astrochemistry, interplanetary physics, solar physics, planetary systems, planetary magnetospheres, and electrodynamics.

Have an Idea for a Speaker?

The seminar organizer (currently Menelaos Sarantos, 301-286-2945, menelaos.sarantos-1@nasa.gov), is always appreciative of ideas for seminar speakers. Please contact him EARLY to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Friday, Nov 20, @ 11.30 - HSD Director's Seminar: James Slavin (MESSENGER Third Mercury Flyby Observations), Phillip Chamberlin (Solar flare center to limb variations and their impact on Earth and Mars), and Larry Kepko (Modeling Harris current sheets with THEMIS observations)


The current schedule for 2009 is:

January 2009

  • 2 @ noon
  • No seminar
  • 7 @ 3pm
  • Special Seminar: Synergy between the PICARD satellite and the SDS experiment (abstract)
    Gerard Thuillier (Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS)
  • 9 @ noon
  • Geography of current sheet acceleration in the Earth's magnetotail (abstract)
    Lev Zelenyi (IKI)
  • 16 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar
    Jim Klimchuk (Nanoflare Heating of the Corona), Sten Odenwald (Solar Superstorms), George Khazanov (Killer Electrons)
  • 23 @ noon
  • Magnetoseismology: A seismologist's approach to investigate magnetospheric processes (abstract)
    Peter Chi (UCLA)
  • 29 @ 2pm
  • Relationships between the High-Latitude Poynting Flux, Interplanetary Parameters, and Geomagnetic Indices (abstract)
    Kelly Ann Drake (United States Air Force Academy)
  • 30 @ noon
  • Transition Region Explosive Events and their Relation to the Photospheric Magnetic Field (abstract)
    Karin Muglach (NRL)

    February 2009

  • 2 @ 2pm
  • Hot Emission from Quiescent Regions: A Nanoflare Signature? (abstract)
    Joan T. Schmelz (University of Memphis)
  • 3 @ 2pm
  • A Professional Astronomer's Experiences in Public Education (abstract)
    Gerrit Verschuur (University of Memphis)
  • 6 @ noon
  • Physics of Solar and Stellar Coronal Heating (abstract)
    Vladimir Airapetian (GSFC)
  • 6 @ 2pm
  • Collective oscillations of bundles of flux tubes in the solar corona (abstract)
    Manuel Luna (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
  • 9 @ noon
  • Hot Solar-Wind Helium: Direct Evidence for Local Heating by Alfven-Cyclotron Dissipation(abstract)
    Justin Kasper (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
  • 13 @ noon
  • Modeling Sub-Alfvenic flows in the Corona: A Work in Progress(abstract)
    Ben Breech (NPP at GSFC)
  • 19 @ noon
  • Electric field statistics and modulation characteristics of bursty Langmuir waves observed in the cusp (
    James LaBelle (Dartmouth College)
  • 20 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar
    Theresa Kucera (Solar Prominence Motions in the EUV), Spiro Antiochos (Theory and Modeling of Coronal Mass Ejections), Menelaos Sarantos (Effects of Coronal Mass Ejections on Mercury: an Alfven wing?)
  • 20 @ 2pm
  • Radiative transfer studies in shocks and in 3D structures (abstract)
    Sebastien Leygnac (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)
  • 26 @ 1 pm
  • Particle Acceleration and Explosive Energy Release by the Sun (abstract)
    R. P. Lin (Physics Department & Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley )
  • 27 @ noon
  • Steps to Updated Monitoring and Forecasting the Key Parameters in Geospace Environment (abstract)
    Wladislaw Lyatsky (NPP at GSFC)

    March 2009

  • 3 @ 2 pm
  • Flow, aurora and Pi2 associations observed by THEMIS (abstract)
    Larry Kepko (Univ. of New Hampshire)
  • 5 @ 2 pm
  • Cluster Active Archive: overview (abstract)
    Harri Laasko (ESA/ESTEC)
  • 5 @ 4 pm
  • On the Location of the Acceleration Site for Energetic Helium-3 and Implications for Flare Models (abstract)
    George Simnett (Univ. of Birmingham)
  • 6 @ noon
  • Collisional and Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection in Space and Astrophysics: a Status Report(abstract)
    Dmitri Uzdensky (Princeton)
  • 12 @ 2 pm
  • Plasma Waves and Instabilities in the Presence of Inhomogeneous Flows (abstract)
    S. Sen ( Lancaster University, UK)
  • 13 @ noon
  • Wave Generation and Propagation in the Solar Atmosphere (abstract)
    Zdzislaw E. Musielak (University of Texas at Arlington)
  • 20 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar
    Tongjiang Wang (Oscillations and Waves in Solar Coronal Loops); Vladimir Osherovich (Solar-cycle variation of He-abundance in the solar wind); John Cooper (The New Heliosphere Meets the New Solar System)
  • 27 @ noon
  • Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes: Bursts of x-rays and gamma rays from Lightning (abstract)
    Brian Grefenstette (UC Santa Cruz)

    April 2009

  • 3 @ noon
  • TIMED and Terrestrial ITM Aeronomy: Looking Back and Planning Ahead(abstract)
    Sam Yee (JHU/APL)
  • 10 @ noon
  • No Seminar
  • 17 @ noon
  • A time-dependent Petschek-type reconnection model and its applications (abstract)
    Stefan Kiehas(Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
  • 24 @ noon
  • Global structure and dynamics of the Heliosphere (abstract)
    Nikolai Pogorelov (University of Alabama, Huntsville)
  • 24 @ 1 pm
  • Monte - Carlo simulations of Interplanetary Shocks (abstract)
    Errol Summerlin (Rice University)
  • 28 @ 1 pm
  • Jupiter's Main Auroral Emission (abstract)
    Licia Ray (University of Colorado)

    May 2009


    The seminar room, 183 A, will be closed for renovations from May 5-June 5.

    During that time, only a limited number of special seminars will be accomodated. Please contact the seminar organizer BEFORE making arrangements to avoid scheduling conflicts. Regular seminar hours will resume on Friday, June 5.
  • 1 @ noon
  • No Seminar
  • 4 @ 1 pm
  • Total Electron Content (TEC) Variations at Low- and Mid-Latitudes(abstract)
    Ja Soon Shim (Utah State University)
  • 8 @ noon
  • The Virtual Radiation Belt Observatory (ViRBO) and the Future of the VxO Environment(abstract)
    Robert Weigel (George Mason University)
  • 8 @ 1 pm
  • Ionospheric Mapping and Radio Tomography(abstract)
    V.E.Kunitsyn (M.Lomonosov Moscow State University)
  • 11 @ 2 pm
  • Electron optical simulations of variable sensitivity systems for top-hat electrostatic space plasma analysers (abstract)
    Glyn Collinson (Mullard Space Science Laboratory)
  • 15 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar
    Tom Moore (Plasma Heating by Convective Pick-Up);Holly Gilbert (This is not your father's chromosphere); Alexander Lipatov (Titan's Plasma Environment: 3D Hybrid Simulation)
  • 22 @ 2 pm
  • "Swishers" and "Stripes": Examinations of Dispersed Features of Auroral HF Waves Observed with Sounding Rockets (abstract)
    Christopher Colpitts (Dartmouth University)

    June 2009

  • 1 @ 11 am
  • Solar Neutrino Variability and its Implications for Solar Physics and Neutrino Physics (abstract)
    Peter A Sturrock (Stanford University)
  • 5 @ noon
  • No Seminar
  • 8 @ 3.30 pm
  • Ground-based solar observations at sub-millimeter and mid-infrared wavelengths (abstract)
    Pierre Kaufmann (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Sao Paulo)
  • 12 @ noon
  • Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Electron Positron Plasmas (abstract)
    Seiji Zenitani (GSFC\ORAU)
  • 12 @ 2 pm
  • New experimental results on midlatitude spread F (abstract)
    Preeti Bhaneja (Univ. of Texas, Dallas)
  • 16 @ 1 pm
  • Modeling Ionospheric Outflows and Their Effect on the Magnetosphere (abstract)
    Alex Glocer (GSFC\ORAU)
  • 19 @ noon
  • Topology and Convection of a Northward IMF Reconnection Event (abstract)
    Deirdre Wendel (Rice University)
  • 24 @ 11 am
  • Large-scale Nonthermal Coronal Phenomena (abstract)
    Hugh Hudson (SSL/UC Berkeley)
  • 26 @ noon
  • No Seminar

    July 2009

  • 3 @ noon
  • No Seminar
  • 10 @ noon
  • No Seminar
  • 17 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar (abstract)
    John Dorelli (Magnetic Reconnection in Earth's Magnetosphere: Some Open Questions); Masha Kuznetsova (Structure of FTEs in global simulations of magnetopause dynamics); Gordon Holman (Implications of RHESSI X-ray and Gamma-Ray Observations for Solar Flare Models)
  • 17 @ 2 pm
  • The relevance of space weather for exoplanets (abstract)
    Arnold Hanslmeier (University of Graz)
  • 22 @ noon pm
  • Cassini observations of the energy cycle in Saturn's magnetosphere (abstract)
    Caitriona Jackman (Imperial College London)
  • 24 @ noon
  • No Seminar
  • 30 @ 2 pm
  • Longitudinally Propagating Arc Wave in the Pre-Onset Optical Aurora (abstract)
    Vadim Uritsky (University of Calgary)
  • 31 @ noon
  • Current sheet extension and reconnection scaling in collisionless, hyperresistive, Hall MHD (abstract)
    Brian Sullivan (University of New Hampshire)

    August 2009

  • 21 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar (abstract)
    Michael Hesse ("CCMC: Form and Function"), Sandro Taktakishvili ("Solar and heliospheric models: Where are we and where are we going?"), and Antti Pulkkinen ("Geospace models: What works and what does not?")
  • 28 @ 1.30 pm
  • Dynamics of CMEs and Evolution of CME Magnetic Fields in Interplanetary Space (abstract)
    Valbona Kunkel (GMU\NRL)

    September 2009

  • 1 @ noon
  • EUV imager TESIS onboard CORONAS-Photon: First results (abstract)
    S. Kuzin (Lebedev Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow)
  • 2 @ noon
  • Solar Energetic Particles at the Earth and at the Sun (abstract)
    Sophie Masson (Observatory of Paris, Meudon)
  • 4 @ noon
  • FTE dynamics and effects on local and remote regions near the dayside magnetopause reconnection layer (abstract)
    Stefan Eriksson (University of Colorado)
  • 8 @ 2 pm
  • Evolution of Solar Wind in the Inner Heliosphere (abstract)
    P.K. Manoharan (Radio Astronomy Centre, National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, India)
  • 11 @ noon
  • The micrometeor mass flux in the upper atmosphere (abstract)
    Diego Janches (NorthWest Research Associates)
  • 11 @ 1.00 pm
  • Large-scale coronal plasma inhomogeneities manifested in the structure of decametric radio bursts (abstract)
    Alexander Afanasiev (ESTEC/ESA)
  • 14 @ 1.00 pm
  • Europa's Plasma Environment (abstract)
    William Paterson (Hampton University)
  • 17 @ noon
  • Observing the D Region of the Ionosphere with ELF/VLF Waves (abstract)
    Morris Cohen (Stanford University)
  • 18 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar (abstract)
    D. Sibeck (The THEMIS Mission),N. Buzulukova (Ring current structure as seen by TWINS), and R. Pfaff (The C/NOFS Mission: the Low Latitude Ionosphere During Solar Minimum)
  • 25 @ noon
  • The traveling IPS with associated SEP and its global interpretation from observations at multiple locations (abstract)
    Daniel Berdichevsky (NASA GSFC)
  • 29 @ noon
  • Inter-relation between flares, CMEs, and coronal waves (abstract)
    Manuela Temmer (University of Graz)

    October 2009

  • 2 @ noon
  • The Study of Interplanetary Shocks, Geomagnetic Storms, and Substorms with the WINDMI Model (abstract)
    M. Leila Mays (GSFC/ORAU)
  • 9 @ noon
  • Auroral behaviors and tail processes during substorms (abstract)
    Miho Saito (Institute of Space Science, National Central University, Taiwan)
  • 16 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar (abstract)
    Peter Schuck (Photospheric Dynamics with Plasma Physics, Image Processing and Statistics);Deirdre Wendel(Measuring Magnetopause Reconnection Impact Parameters Using Multiple Spacecraft Measurements);Errol Summerlin (Monte-Carlo Simulations of Interplanetary Shocks)
  • 16 @ 1.30 pm
  • Formation and Decay of the Inner Radiation Belt (abstract)
    Richard Selesnick (University of New Hampshire)
  • 23 @ 10.00 am
  • Eclipse Observations of the Fe XI 7892 A line (abstract)
    Shadia Habbal (Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii)
  • 23 @ noon
  • Launching and Operating Science Payloads on The International Space Station (abstract)
    Donald McMullin (Space Systems Research Corporation)
  • 30 @ noon
  • Global comparison of spacecraft observations and a magnetohydrodynamic simulation (abstract)
    Ilja Honkonen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

    November 2009

  • 3 @ 11.00 am
  • Modernized GPS, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, and Space Weather (abstract)
    Paul Kintner, Jr. (Cornell University)
  • 6 @ noon
  • Self-similar nature of type III solar radio burst (abstract)
    Vladimir Osherovich (GSFC)
  • 13 @ noon
  • Magnetotail dipolarizations fronts: Particle simulations with open boundaries and THEMIS observations (abstract)
    Mikhail Sitnov (JHU/APL)
  • 20 @ noon
  • Director's Seminar (abstract)
    James A. Slavin (Mercury's Atmosphere and Magnetosphere: MESSENGER Third Flyby Observations); Phillip Chamberlin (Solar flare center to limb variations and their impact on Earth and Mars); Larry Kepko (Modeling Harris current sheets with THEMIS observations)

    Space & Solar Physics Meetings

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    Information for Speakers and Visitors

    Speakers interested in speaking at the Heliophysics Seminar are encouraged to contact the organizer, currently Menelaos Sarantos (301-286-2945, menelaos.sarantos-1@ nasa.gov). The duration of the seminar is typically one hour, with questions asked during and after the seminar. The audience is usually diverse, including scientists with interests ranging throughout the heliosphere.

    As most of you know, in the last few years it has become harder to get visitors from outside of NASA on center, and the number of days needed to get unescorted access is subject to change. Thus we ask that if a visitor wants to attend a talk and needs a non-escort badge they should request one as soon as possible. We will help to the best of our ability, but can't make any guarantees.

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