• 1981: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
  • 1978: M.S. in Optical Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.
  • 1976: M.E.E. (Electrical Engineering), Rice University, Houston, Texas.
  • 1976: B.A. in Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Anthropology, Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Previous Positions

  • 1983-1985: Senior Scientist, Science Applications Research (SAR), Riverdale, MD.
  • 1982-1983: Senior Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Silver Spring, MD.
  • 1981-1982: Visiting Professor and Research Assistant, Electrical Engineering Department, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN.

Research Specialties

Image analysis and data management for remotely sensed imagery data:

  • Current focus is on the design and implementation of hierarchical image segmentation, and the use of hierarchical image segmentation for Earth science applications.
  • A side interest is the use of image segmentation for image registration.
  • Have also conducted research in data compression tailored to image data archival and retrieval, and image classification exploiting spatial information.
  • Current and past research has included extensive algorithm development on massively parallel computing systems.

Professional Organizations

Professional Services