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SED Web Services

The SED Web Services team consists of the SED Web Editor-in-Chief and a full-time Web Developer. The Editor-in-Chief is also a member of the SED Web Council, a Directorate-wide body with representatives from each Division that is tasked with assessing the Directorate web presence and recommending improvements to it. Oversight of the Web Services Group is provided by the SED Web Council chair, Barbara Grofic.

The Editor-in-Chief implements SED's web policies, oversees content management, and coordinates with web developers, web curators, webmasters, and other contributors to SED's web presence. Other functions include:

  • Providing tools to curators.
  • Maintaining website templates and associated CSS documents.
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration among SED Web Developers through regular and effective communication, as administrator of the Web Developers mailing list and co-chair of the Web Common Interest Group (WebCIG)

The Web Developers maintain and upgrade the Directorate websites, continuously providing improvements to functionality and user experience.


The SED Web Services group provides general support for the Sciences and Exploration Directorate's web presence. This includes leadership on the SED Web Council; overseeing content management; coordinating with web developers, webmasters, and website curators; producing and editing website content as needed; and promoting Directorate science and events with online media products.

Contact Us

Karen Smale
SED Web Editor-in-Chief
(301) 286-7612

To contact the whole team, use the Comment Form at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

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