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2009 Significant Efforts

Optimizing Wide-Area File Transfer for 10-Gbps and Beyond � Demos at SC09

Demonstrations of network-performance testing, wide-area file systems, and file transfer applications ranging from traditional to experimental were provided in the NASA research exhibit at the SC09 conference, Portland, OR, Nov. 16�19.

Jointly planned by GSFC's High End Computer Network Team and NCCS' Advanced Development Team, an indication of the wide-area file transfer applications demonstrated and evaluated is shown in the Data Transfer Test Matrix (top figure) and the WAN infrastructure and servers tested are shown in the configuration diagram (bottom figure).

Demonstration highlights included over 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) uni-directional memory-to-memory data transmissions between in-booth servers, 40-Gbps bi-directional memory-to-memory data transmissions between servers in-booth and at ARC, 10-Gbps disk-to-disk data transfers between in-booth servers, between servers in-booth and at ARC, and between servers in-booth and at GSFC.

These demonstrations are part of multi-phase plans to assess the throughput performance of wide-area file transfer applications at 20, 40 and 100-Gbps throughput performance.

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