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Atmospheric Science Highlights

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  • – Improving Simulated Radar Signatures in the Goddard Cloud Model
  • – Saharan Dust Prevents Phosphorus Depletion in the Amazon Rainforest
  • – Is the Antarctic Ozone Hole Beginning to Recover?

Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Highlights

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  • – Arctic Sea Ice Maximum and Minimum Extent 1979-2015
  • – Algodones Dunes characterization campaign 2015
  • – Timely and accurate winter wheat production forecasts for major producers using MODIS data and growing degree day information
  • – Climate Data Initiative Releases Human Health Theme
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Press Releases & Feature Stories

NASA Releases New Collection of Hurricane Science Animations

To mark the beginning of the 2015 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season, NASA has released a new collection of scientific animations that look inside hurricanes to help explain what makes them tick.

Canadian Wildfires Continue and Increase

Hot spots abound in this image taken by NASA's Aqua satellite on May 30, 2015. When accompanied by smoke, as they are in this image, these hot spots are indicative of fire.

Blanca (was 02E) - Eastern Pacific Ocean

Less than a week after the first Eastern Pacific Ocean tropical cyclone was born, NASA's Aqua satellite saw Tropical Depression 02E form to the east of Hurricane Andres.
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Thumbnail of climate computing poster

Mission-Driven Climate Computing at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Wall Poster

This poster displays the 50-year-plus history of Earth science satellite and modeling missions and accompanying growth in high-end computing and mass storage.
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Ozone has been very, very good to me! [04/22/2015]

NASA climate scientist Dr. Richard Stolarski presented a Maniac Talk entitled "Ozone has been very, very good to me!" Rich was a player and an eye witness to much of the historical development of our understanding of the stratospheric ozone layer from the 1970s to the present. He shared some of the lessons learned on this journey, including major scientific and political developments that led to the Montreal Protocol that bans the production of many ozone-depleting substances.

Presented by: Dr. Richard Stolarski

Sheer luck: How I stumbled my way through a fantastic scientific career [03/31/2015]

Dr. Eugenia Kalnay, Distinguished University Professor and the first woman to get a doctorate in Meteorology from MIT, presented a Maniac Talk entitled, "Sheer luck: How I stumbled my way through a fantastic scientific career." Eugenia shared her life and times at the University of Buenos Aires, MIT, NASA, NOAA and University of Maryland, infused with dreams from her mother.

Presented by: Dr. Eugenia Kalnay
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Still from Paint by Particle simulation of the atmosphere that captured how winds move aerosols around the world

GMAO Annual Report & Research Highlights 2011-2012

Over the last year, the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) has continued to advance our GEOS-5-based systems, updating products for both weather and climate applications.
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Local News

Parkinson selected for William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science

Dr. Claire Parkinson has been selected as the recipient for the William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science. The Nordberg Award is presented to a Goddard civil service employee who best exhibits qualities of broad scientific perspective, enthusiastic programmatic and technical leadership on the national and international levels, wide recognition by peers, and substantial research accomplishments in understanding Earth system processes. Claire has been awarded this prestigious honor for her work enabling a deeper understanding of the role of sea ice in the climate system, for outstanding leadership of EOS/Aqua science, and for impressive educational outreach accomplishments.

Emily Wilson and team receive Honorable Mention in Invention of the Year (IOY) Awards for 2014

The Office of the General Counsel announced the winners of the Invention of the Year (IOY) Awards for 2014. Among the Honorable Mentions is the “Miniaturized Laser Heterodyne Radiometer for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Measurements in the Atmospheric Column” from Goddard Space Flight Center. Please congratulate Emily Wilson Steel and her team.

Heliophysicist Dr. Roger J. Thomas passes away

Dr. Roger J. Thomas was a scientist of immense integrity, focus, and commitment. In over 40 years at Goddard, he provided the optical design or advised on essentially every solar extreme ultraviolet spectrograph flown by NASA or ESA and was widely recognized for his contributions to their record of success. He was a linchpin of the SERTS and EUNIS sounding rocket investigations over a span of 30 years and 13 flights. He was also over the years a Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Project Scientist for the renowned OSO satellites, Study Scientist, Deputy Chief of NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Physics Office, and author or co-author of over 200 scientific publications. He will be deeply missed by his many friends and colleagues at Goddard and in the worldwide scientific community.
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Colorful and Plankton-Full Patagonian Waters

Late spring and summer weather brings blooms of color to the Atlantic Ocean off of South America, at least from a satellite view.

Retreat of the Columbia Glacier

Scientists have long studied Alaska's fast-moving Columbia Glacier, a tidewater glacier descending through the Chugach Mountains into Prince William Sound. Yet the river of ice continues to surprise.

Ocean Data Shows 'Climate Dance' of Plankton

The greens and blues of the ocean color from NASA satellite data have provided new insights into how climate and ecosystem processes affect the growth cycles of phytoplankton.
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