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Non-Refereed Publications

Refereed Publications for 2022

Ahrens, C., H. Meraviglia, and C. Bennett. 2022. "A Geoscientific Review on CO and CO2 Ices in the Outer Solar System." Geosciences. 12 (2): 51 [10.3390/geosciences12020051] [Journal Article/Letter]

Anderson, C. M., N. Biver, G. L. Bjoraker, et al. T. Cavalié, G. Chin, M. A. DiSanti, P. Hartogh, A. Tielens, and C. K. Walker. 2022. "Solar System Science with the Orbiting Astronomical Satellite Investigating Stellar Systems (OASIS) Observatory." Space Science Reviews. 218 (5): 43 [10.1007/s11214-022-00911-5] [Journal Article/Letter]

Arredondo, A., A. Hodges, J. N. Abrahams, et al. C. C. Bedford, B. D. Boatwright, J. Buz, C. Cantrall, J. Clark, A. Erwin, S. Krishnamoorthy, L. Magaña, R. M. McCabe, E. C. McIntosh, J. L. Noviello, M. Pellegrino, C. Ray, M. J. Styczinski, and P. Weigel. 2022. "VALENTInE: A Concept for a New Frontiers–Class Long-duration In Situ Balloon-based Aerobot Mission to Venus." The Planetary Science Journal. 3 (7): 152 [10.3847/psj/ac7324] [Journal Article/Letter]

Aslam, S., D. P. Glavin (he/him), and P. A. Gerakines (he/him). 2022. "Compact Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzer." United States Patent No.: US 11,391,672 B1. [Other]

Aslam, S., D. Glavin, G. Quilligan, et al. N. Gorius, P. Gerakines, J. Kolasinski, D. Tran, and T. Purser. 2022. "Compact Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzer." U.S. Patent 11,391,672. Washington DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. July 19th 2022. [Other]

Aslam, S., G. Quilligan, P. Irwin, and S. Calcutt. 2022. "Design of an Advanced, Compact Ice Giants Net Flux Radiometer." In Situ Exploration of the Giant Planets II, Laurel, MD, USA, LPI Contributions. (2686): id 4001. [Proceedings]

Bagheri, A., M. Efroimsky, J. Castillo-Rogez, et al. S. Goossens, A.-C. Plesa, N. Rambaux, A. Rhoden, M. Walterová, A. Khan, and D. Giardini. 2022. "Tidal insights into rocky and icy bodies: an introduction and overview." Advances in Geophysics. 63: 231-320 [10.1016/bs.agph.2022.07.004] [Article in Book]

Barker, M. K., N. L. Chabot, E. Mazarico, et al. M. A. Siegler, J. M. Martinez-Camacho, C. D. Hamill, and S. Bertone. 2022. "New Constraints on the Volatile Deposit in Mercury’s North Polar Crater, Prokofiev." The Planetary Science Journal. 3 (8): 188 [10.3847/psj/ac7d5a] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bates, A., S. Goossens, J. Lorenzo, et al. L. Ojha, D. Hood, S. Karunatillake, S. K. Nawotniak, and T. Paladino. 2022. "Supervolcanic resurfacing in northwestern Arabia Terra, Mars." Icarus. 390: 115303 [10.1016/j.icarus.2022.115303] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bell, E., N. Schmerr, K. Young, et al. S. Esmaeili, W. B. Garry, S. Jazayeri, S. Kruse, J. Richardson, and P. Whelley. 2022. "Field Mapping and Modeling of Terrestrial Lava Tube Magnetic Anomalies as an Analog for Lunar Lava Tube Exploration and Prospecting." Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. 127 (6): [10.1029/2021je007140] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bennett, K. A., V. K. Fox, A. Bryk, et al. W. Dietrich, C. Fedo, L. Edgaar, M. T. Thorpe, A. Williams, G. M. Wong, E. Dehouck, A. C. Mcadam, B. Sutter, M. Millan, S. Banham, C. C. Bedford, T. Bristow, A. Fraeman, A. R. Vasavada, J. Grotzinger, L. Thompson, C. O’Connell-Cooper, P. Gasda, A. Rudolph, R. Sullivan, R. Arvidson, A. Cousin, B. Horgan, K. M. Stack, A. Treiman, and J. L. Eigenbrode. 2022. "The Curiosity Rover’s Exploration of Glen Torridon, Gale crater, Mars: An Overview of the Campaign and Scientific Results." Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets. e2022JE007185 [Full Text (Link)] [10.1029/2022JE007185] [Journal Article/Letter] [Mars]

Bierhaus, E. B., D. Trang, R. T. Daly, et al. C. A. Bennett, O. S. Barnouin, K. J. Walsh, R.-L. Ballouz, W. F. Bottke, K. N. Burke, M. E. Perry, E. R. Jawin, T. J. McCoy, H. C. Connolly, M. G. Daly, J. P. Dworkin, D. N. DellaGiustina, P. L. Gay, J. I. Brodbeck, J. Nolau, J. Padilla, S. Stewart, S. Schwartz, P. Michel, M. Pajola, and D. S. Lauretta. 2022. "Crater population on asteroid (101955) Bennu indicates impact armouring and a young surface." Nature Geoscience. 15: 440-446 [Full Text (Link)] [10.1038/s41561-022-00914-5] [Journal Article/Letter] [Asteroids]

Bower, D. M., S. X. Li, S. Aslam, T. Hewagama, and N. Gorius. 2022. "Planetary exploration enabled by a compact adaptable time-resolved spatial-heterodyne Raman spectrometer." Proc. SPIE 12121, Sensors and Systems for Space Applications XV. [10.1117/12.2618777] [Proceedings]

Bower, D., G. Chin, T. Livengood, et al. T. Hewagama, C. Anderson, M. Ugelow, C. I. Honniball, P. Racette, and S. Aslam. 2022. "The CORGIE Instrument Suite: Understanding Hydrogeologic Cycles on Planetary Bodies Through In Situ Characterization of Surface-Atmosphere Interactions." Optimizing Planetary In Situ Surface-Atmosphere Interaction Investigations Workshop, Boise, Idaho, LPI Contribution No.. 2685: id 7008. [Proceedings]

Boyd, P. T., E. L. Wilson, A. P. Smale, et al. P. Supsinskas, T. A. Livengood, T. Hewagama, G. L. Villanueva, A. Marshak, N. A. Krotkov, P. Pokorny, J. Bixler, J. D. Noland, G. Ramu, P. Cleveland, J. Ganino, M. Jhabvala, E. Quintana, E. Gilbert, K. Colón, G. N. Arney, S. D. Domagal-Goldman, A. Mandell, T. Barclay, M. Kuchner, and L. Ott. 2022. "EarthShine: Observing our world as an exoplanet from the surface of the Moon." Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems. 8 (01): 014003 [10.1117/1.jatis.8.1.014003] [Journal Article/Letter]

Breitenfeld, L. B., A. D. Rogers, T. D. Glotch, et al. H. H. Kaplan, V. E. Hamilton, and P. R. Christensen. 2022. "Mapping Phyllosilicates on the Asteroid Bennu Using Thermal Emission Spectra and Machine Learning Model Applications." Geophysical Research Letters. 49 (20): [10.1029/2022gl100815] [Journal Article/Letter]

Brinckerhoff, W. B., P. A. Willis, A. J. Ricco, et al. D. A. Kaplan, R. M. Danell, A. Grubisic, M. F. Mora, J. S. Creamer, A. Noell, J. C. Stern, C. Czopa, C. Freissinet, F. Kehl, K. Zamuruyev, C. T. Castle, J. Spring, T. Drevinskas, M. Badescu, M. S. Ferreira Santos, E. A. Jaramillo, F. Van Amerom, X. Li, M. E. Castillo, J. L. Eigenbrode, B. P. Theiling, R. C. Quinn, F. Stalport, A. Buch, and K. A. Zacny. 2022. "Europan Molecular Indicators of Life Investigation (EMILI) for a Future Europa Lander Mission." Frontiers in Space Technologies. 2: 760927 [Full Text (Link)] [10.3389/frspt.2021.760927] [Journal Article/Letter] [Astrobiology, Planetary Geology]

Burr, D. M., S. Diniega, L. C. Quick, K. Gardner-Vanddy, and F. Rivera-Hernández. 2022. "Foundational Women in Planetary Geomorphology: Some Contributions in Fluvial, Aeolian, and (Cryo)Volcanic Subdisciplines." Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. 1-15 [10.1002/esp.5465] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cascioli, G., D. Durante, E. Mazarico, et al. M. S. Wallace, S. Hensley, and S. E. Smrekar. 2022. "Improving the VERITAS orbit reconstruction using radar tie points." Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. [Full Text (Link)] [10.2514/1.A35499] [Journal Article/Letter]

Castillo-Rogez, J., J. Brophy, K. Miller, et al. M. Sori, J. Scully, L. Quick, R. Grimm, M. Zolensky, M. Bland, D. Buczkowski, C. Raymond, A. Hendrix, T. Prettyman, Y. Sekine, T. Titus, D. A. Williams, P. Backes, L. Barge, A. Ermakov, A. Galassi, S. Moreland, and K. Zacny. 2022. "Concepts for the Future Exploration of Dwarf Planet Ceres’ Habitability." The Planetary Science Journal. 3 (2): 41 [10.3847/psj/ac34ee] [Journal Article/Letter]

Castillo-Rogez, J., M. Neveu, V. Vinogradoff, et al. K. E. Miller, M. M. Sori, F. Tosi, B. Schmidt, J. E. Scully, M. Melwani Daswani, K. Hughson, H. McSween, C. De Sanctis, L. Quick, A. Ermakov, G. Thangjam, K. Otto, K. Krohn, P. Schenk, A. Nathues, and C. Raymond. 2022. "Science Drivers for the Future Exploration of Ceres: From Solar System Evolution to Ocean World Science." The Planetary Science Journal. 3 (3): 64 [10.3847/psj/ac502b] [Journal Article/Letter]

Chen, L., J. Halekas, S. Wang, et al. G. A. DiBraccio, N. Romanelli, J. Ng, C. T. Russell, S. J. Schwartz, D. G. Sibeck, W. Farrell, C. Pollock, D. Gershman, B. Giles, and Y. M. Collado-Vega. 2022. "Solitary Magnetic Structures Developed From Gyro‐Resonance With Solar Wind Ions at Mars and Earth." Geophysical Research Letters. 49 (3): [10.1029/2021gl097600] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cohen, I. J., C. Beddingfield, R. Chancia, et al. G. DiBraccio, M. Hedman, S. MacKenzie, B. Mauk, K. M. Sayanagi, K. M. Soderlund, E. Turtle, C. Ahrens, C. S. Arridge, S. M. Brooks, E. Bunce, S. Charnoz, A. Coustenis, R. A. Dillman, S. Dutta, L. N. Fletcher, R. Harbison, R. Helled, R. Holme, L. Jozwiak, Y. Kasaba, P. Kollmann, S. Luszcz-Cook, K. Mandt, O. Mousis, A. Mura, G. Murakami, M. Parisi, A. Rymer, S. Stanley, K. Stephan, R. J. Vervack, M. H. Wong, and P. Wurz. 2022. "The Case for a New Frontiers–Class Uranus Orbiter: System Science at an Underexplored and Unique World with a Mid-scale Mission." The Planetary Science Journal. 3 (3): 58 [10.3847/psj/ac5113] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cordiner, M. A., I. M. Coulson, E. Garcia-Berrios, et al. C. Qi, F. Lique, M. Zołtowski, M. de Val-Borro, Y.-J. Kuan, W.-H. Ip, S. Mairs, N. X. Roth, S. B. Charnley, S. N. Milam, W.-L. Tseng, and Y.-L. Chuang. 2022. "A SUBLIME 3D Model for Cometary Coma Emission: The Hypervolatile-rich Comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS)." The Astrophysical Journal. 929 (1): 38 [10.3847/1538-4357/ac5893] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cremons, D. R., and C. I. Honniball. 2022. "Simulated Lunar Surface Hydration Measurements using Multispectral Lidar at 3 µm." Earth and Space Science. 9 (8): e2022EA002277 [10.1029/2022ea002277] [Journal Article/Letter]

By First Author's/Editor's Last Name:


Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 130.

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Non-Refereed Publications

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