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Celebrating 60 Years of Groundbreaking U.S. Space Science

Sixty years ago, the U.S. launched Explorer 1, rocketing into the Space Age.

What Scientists Can Learn About the Moon During the Jan. 31 Eclipse

The lunar eclipse on the night of Jan. 31 will give a team of scientists a special opportunity to study the Moon using the astronomer's equivalent of a heat-sensing, or thermal, camera.

Explorer 1: The Beginning of American Space Science

Sixty years ago, the hopes of Cold War America soared into the night sky as a rocket lofted skyward above Cape Canaveral, a soon-to-be-famous barrier island off the Florida coast.

NASA Goddard Year in Review - 2017

A look back at 2017 at NASA Goddard.

NASA Selects Participating Scientists for Mission to Asteroid Bennu

NASA has selected 13 participating scientists for the agency’s first asteroid sample return mission, OSIRIS-REx.

NASA Team Finds Noxious Ice Cloud on Saturn’s Moon Titan

Researchers with NASA’s Cassini mission have found evidence of a toxic hybrid ice in a wispy cloud high above the south pole of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Snaps Pictures of Earth and the Moon

OSIRIS-REx's black and white navigation camera captured images of the Earth and Moon after its gravity-assist flyby.

OSIRIS-REx Views the Earth During Flyby

A color composite image of Earth was taken on Sept. 22, 2017, by the MapCam camera on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

NASA’S OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Slingshots Past Earth

NASA’s asteroid sample return spacecraft successfully used Earth’s gravity to slingshot itself on a path toward the asteroid Bennu, for a rendezvous next August.

James Webb Space Telescope Team Members Volunteer Following Historic Texas Hurricane

Several members of the James Webb Space Telescope team stationed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston volunteered over the Labor Day weekend to help clean up and repair damage to the city caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Large Binocular Telescope Snags First Glimpse of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Since Launch

This set of magnified, cropped images shows NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft (highlighted in red) as it approaches Earth for its Sept. 22 Earth Gravity Assist.

Spot the Spacecraft: Ground-based Telescopes to Photograph NASA’s OSIRIS-REx During Earth Flyby

Observatories and amateur astronomers with specialized equipment will be able to see OSIRIS-REx as the spacecraft approaches and retreats from its closest position over Earth Sept. 22.

NASA’s Asteroid-Bound Spacecraft to Slingshot Past Earth

OSIRIS-REx will pass about 10,000 miles above Earth Sept. 22.

NASA’s Lunar Mission Captures Solar Eclipse as Seen From the Moon

LRO captured an image of the moon’s eclipse shadow over a large region of the United States.

NASA’s Asteroid Sample Return Mission Successfully Adjusts Course

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft fired its thrusters to position itself on the correct course for its upcoming Earth flyby.

NASA’s LRO Team Wants You to Wave at the Moon

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) team invites the public to wave at the Moon on Aug. 21 as LRO turns its camera toward Earth.

NASA Finds Moon of Saturn Has Chemical That Could Form ‘Membranes’

NASA scientists have definitively detected the chemical acrylonitrile, also known as vinyl cyanide, in the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan, a place that has long intrigued scientists investigating the chemical precursors of life.

The Moon is Front and Center During a Total Solar Eclipse

In the lead-up to a total solar eclipse, most of the attention is on the sun, but Earth’s moon also has a starring role.

Goddard Hosts 8th Annual Science Jamboree for Employees

The Goddard Office of Communications and the Goddard Sciences and Exploration Directorate produced the eighth annual Science Jamboree on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

Goddard Welcomes Nearly 450 Summer Interns

Almost 450 interns will complete their "10-week job interview" at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center this summer.

NASA Orbiter Finds New Evidence of Frost on Moon’s Surface

Scientists have identified bright areas in craters near the moon’s south pole cold enough to have frost present on the surface.

NASA’s SDO Sees Partial Eclipse in Space

On May 25, 2017, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, saw a partial solar eclipse in space when it caught the moon passing in front of the sun.

Camera on NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Survived 2014 Meteoroid Hit

Images from LRO show a brief violent movement of one of the Narrow Angle Cameras in October of 2014.

OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Search Tests Instruments, Science Team

OSIRIS-REx did not discover any Earth-Trojan asteroids during a two-week search, but the spacecraft's cameras operated flawlessly and demonstrated they can image objects two magnitudes dimmer than originally expected.

Media, Public Invited to Visit NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Exhibit at 'South by Southwest'

NASA is partnering with the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and the Northrop Grumman Corporation to highlight the James Webb Space Telescope at South by Southwest (SXSW) from March 12 to 18, 2017.
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