Ocean Ecology (616) Research Areas

AOP Laboratories and IOP Laboratory

There are two laboratories in Building 28, a calibration lab and an instrument support lab, both of which are co-located with the OBPG. The calibration lab (567 sq. ft.) consists of three areas, a section with three optical benches for optical measurements with black walls and drapes, a foyer or staging area with one optical bench, and a storage room. The instrument support lab (230 sq. ft.) is primarily for staging and storing equipment needed for field deployments. A portable lab sits outside the building, and has power for air conditioning, computers and other equipment. The portable lab was used extensively in the past, e.g., several Atlantic Meridional Transect cruises in the 1990s.

The in-water AOP sensors include the Biospherical Instrument’s Compact-Optical Profiling System (C-OPS, 2) and a Satlantic Hyperpro. For C-OPS, there is a spectrally matching above-water solar reference, usually mounted on a telescoping mast (3, various sizes for accommodation on different platforms/ships), to ensure unobstructed viewing of the sky, is used for simultaneous measurements of the global solar irradiance. The reference includes a shadowband accessory to measure the diffuse sky irradiance.

We have two IOP packages, one featuring HOBI Labs instruments, and the other WET Labs instruments. The HOBI package contains an a-sphere (hyperspectral absorption without scattering errors), a Hydroscat-6 (six wavelengths of scattering at 140 degrees and two channels of fluorescence), a WET Labs ac9 (9 wavelengths of absorption and attenuation), and a Biospherical PAR sensor. Power and data management are performed by a HOBI Labs Hydro-DAS data handler. The WET Labs cage has two acs instruments (hyperspectral absorption and attenuation), and a bb9 (backscatter at 3 angles, 9 wavelengths) instrument. Power and data management are handled by a WET Labs DH4.

Photo of IOP being deployed into sea

Deployment of NASA's Inherent Optical Properties (IOPs) Instrument Package Being Deployed on Research Cruise

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