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Science Jamboree event photos

The 2016 Science Jamboree was a great success! A collection of 50 photos from the event are available now.

WIRED mentions HECN team's record data transfer speeds

“The Shadow Internet That’s 100 Times Faster Than Google Fiber,” Wired, 6/17/2014, mentions the High End Computer Networking Team’s 91-gigabit-per-second transfer between Denver and GSFC last November as “the fastest end-to-end data transfer ever conducted under ‘real world’ conditions”. Read the Wired article.

Read the report on the team’s experiments/demonstrations. (PDF)

HECN group achieves record network data transfer rate

At SuperComputing 2013 in Denver, Colorado, the High End Computer Networking (HECN, 606.1) Team achieved a record network data transfer rate of over 91 Gigabits per second (Gbps) for a disk-to-disk file transfer between a single pair of high performance RAID servers across a 100 Gbps Wide Area Network (WAN), with one server located at SC13 and the other at NASA Goddard. This record was made possible by collaborating with the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX), the Department of Energy's ESnet, Brocade, the University of Chicago's Laboratory for Advanced Computing (LAC), and Northwestern University's International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR).
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