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Extrasolar Planets Seminar



The EXoplanet Climate Infrared TElescope (EXCITE)
Dr. Peter Nagler (NASA Goddard)

The EXoplanet Climate Infrared TElescope (EXCITE) is a proposed 0.5 meter near-infrared spectrograph that operates from a high-altitude balloon platform. EXCITE is designed to perform phase-resolved spectroscopy -- continuous spectroscopic observations of a planet's entire orbit about its host star -- of transiting exoplanets. Planets with characteristics suitable for atmospheric characterization have orbits of several days, thus phase curve observations are highly resource intensive, especially for shared use facilities. I will introduce the EXCITE experiment and present the results of a study of instrumental systematic effects that we expect to encounter with EXCITE. We show that an instrument like EXCITE will have the stability and sensitivity to measure spectroscopic phase curves of a large population of hot Jupiter-type exoplanets in a single long-durating balloon (LDB) flight. Such an instrument will both complement and serve as a critical bridge between current and future space-based near infrared spectroscopic instruments.

Date January 31, 2020
Start/End Time 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location B34, E215
Event Type Seminars/Colloquia
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