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Special Seminar



Digging Deeper into Charge Exchange through Laboratory Astrophysics
Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez (IRAP)

Charge exchange (CX) is a conceptually straightforward but theoretically complex atomic process that often leads to spectral line emission in the X-ray band. It occurs in nearly any environment where ionized plasma and neutral gas interact, such as in the solar system, between solar wind ions and neutrals in comets and planetary atmospheres, and likely also astrophysically, in, for example, supernova remnants and galaxy clusters. Many CX models suffer from a lack of accurate atomic data, however, and often do not match laboratory benchmarks. This can negatively impact current and future observations, leading to an improperly subtracted X-ray foreground, incorrect assessments of the physical properties of our astrophysical targets, and missed opportunities to harness the diagnostic utility of CX. I will discuss how CX can impact our observations from both current and future missions, the largest atomic needs for CX models, and how laboratory astrophysics is a critical component of an improved CX theory.

Date September 16, 2019
Start/End Time 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Location B34, W120 A/B
Event Type Seminars/Colloquia
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