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ASD Colloquium Series



Decoupling the Production and Escape of Lyman Photons< br> Ryan Trainor (Franklin and Marshall College)

Ultraviolet Lyman-alpha and Lyman-continuum photons couple strongly to neutral hydrogen, and these processes shape the observability of galaxies as well as their effects on their surrounding media. However, the measured Lyman emission of a given galaxy is challenging to interpret. Lyman photons are produced within star-forming regions, but the observed emission also depends on the scattering and absorption of these photons on much larger scales. I will present results from the Keck Baryonic Structure Survey of more than 1000 galaxies at z=2-3 that are allowing us to empirically study the relationships between observed Lyman-alpha and Lyman-continuum emission and many different physical properties of galaxies. I will discuss how these observations allow us to separate the physics of photon production from that of photon escape, and what these relationships tell us about galaxy selection, stellar feedback, and the role of star-forming galaxies in reionization.

The Astrophysics Science Division colloquia occur on Tuesdays at 3:45 pm, with an opportunity to meet the speaker at 3:30 pm, in building 34, room W150 (unless otherwise noted).

Date December 03, 2019
Start/End Time 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM
Location Building 34, Room W150
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