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LUVOIR Seminar



Building Virtual Planets with Global Climate Models: A Scientific Endeavor
Fran├žois Forget (LMD, IPSL, Paris, France)

On the basis of the Global Climate Models (GCMs) originally developed for the Earth, it has been possible to develop GCMs for other environments in our solar system: Venus, Mars, Titan, Triton, Pluto, giant planets, etc. The ultimate goal is to build numerical simulators only based on universal physical or chemical equations, yet able to reproduce or predict all the available observations on a given planet. In reality nature is often more complex than expected, but we learn a lot in the process. I will review the lessons learned, discuss the future of planetary GCMs and present recent applications. In particular, using generic GCMs, we can now try to predict the environment on any terrestrial exoplanets that we can imagine.

Date January 17, 2018
Start/End Time 01:45 PM - 03:00 PM
Location Building 34, Room S291
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