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ASD Colloquium Series



The Radio Synchrotron Background: Recent Reckonings
Jack Singal (Richmond)

It has become increasingly clear that there is profound tension between measurements of the background level of diffuse radio emission on our sky on the one hand and the integrated surface brightness expected from extragalactic source counts of known populations and most reasonable models of the Galactic halo on the other. These seemingly irreconcilable results represent a mystery in astrophysics, and make studies of the radio background fundamentally unlike those at infrared, optical/UV, X-ray, and gamma-ray wavelengths where the source populations are well characterized and understood, and trace the known large scale structure of the Universe. This talk will review the measurements of the radio synchrotron monopole level, and the constraints on properties of extragalactic radio sources and on Galactic diffuse emission. We will then present the ideas for paths forward and future measurements that were arrived at a recent international workshop on the topic.

ASD Colloquia are Tuesdays at 3:45 pm (Meet the Speaker at 3:30 pm) in Bldg 34, Room W150 unless otherwise noted.

Date April 17, 2018
Start/End Time 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM
Location B34, W305
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