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Poster Party



Please save the date, and your poster, for the 11th Annual Sciences & Exploration Directorate (Code 600) New Year's Poster Party. The Poster Party brings together Earth and Space Scientists from across the Directorate, along with invited presenters from AETD (Code 500), to display their posters from 2017 meetings. The Poster Party showcases the breadth and depth of science across the directorate!

This is your opportunity to recycle a recent poster, mingle with your colleagues over refreshments, and learn something new in an interdisciplinary environment.

This year prizes will be awarded in the following categories: “Best Graphic Design,” “Best Science As Food,” “Door Prize” (rewards one participant randomly), “Best Post Doctoral or Student paper,” and the “Piers J. Sellers Award for Interdisciplinary Science.”

Date January 30, 2018
Start/End Time 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Location Building 28 Atrium
Contact Batu Osmanoglu
Email Address
Event Type Events (e.g., Science Jamboree)
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