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Extrasolar Planet Seminar



Storms and Jets on Giant Planets
Dr. James Cho - Queen Mary University London (currently on sabbatical leave at Princeton)

The structure and stability of storms and jets are important for characterizing the large-scale flow dynamics and variability – ostensibly, the ‘weather and climate’ – of planets. In this presentation, some crucial aspects of accurately modeling the dynamics of planetary atmospheres are discussed, taking us into the exciting universe of vortices, fronts, waves, turbulence, and magnetic fields (and their interactions) in differentially-rotating, stratified environments.
The primary focus of the presentation is on high-resolution simulations of giant planet (both solar and extrasolar systems) atmospheres. Comparisons between the planets in the two systems, as well as other astrophysical objects, are made. In the case of the extrasolar planets, the accurate modeling not only helps to interpret and guide current and upcoming observations, it also extends current atmospheric dynamics theory to new dynamical regimes – significant for eventually understanding habitability on other worlds.

Date October 05, 2017
Start/End Time 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Location 34/E256
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