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LUVOIR Seminar



Dynamics of Hierarchical Three-body Systems with Applications to the Origin of Exoplanets and Stars in Galactic Centers
Li Gongjie (Harvard University)

Abstract: The long-term dynamical evolution of a hierarchical three body system, in which a distant third object orbits around a close binary has been studied extensively, demonstrating that the inner orbit can undergo large eccentricity and inclination oscillations. In this talk, I will show that starting with an almost coplanar configuration, the eccentricity of the inner orbit can still be excited to high values, and the orbit can flip by ~180 degree. With tidal dissipation, this mechanism can produce counter-orbiting exoplanetary systems, and explain the detected stellar spin-planetary orbit misalignment. In addition, this mechanism can change the stellar distribution around a supermassive black hole binary in galactic centers, and enhance the rate of tidal disruption events. Furthermore, I will discuss the possibility of stellar binaries in our Galactic Center around the supermassive black hole, Sgr A*, which is important to the formation of the massive stars in the Galactic Center.

Gongjie will give the talk remotely. We will project slides in B34, E215 at Goddard.

The dial-in number is:
1844 467 6272
Passcode: 924010
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Date October 04, 2017
Start/End Time 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location B34, E215
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