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ASD Colloquium Series



"The VLA Sky Survey (VLASS)"
Amy Kimball

The VLA Sky Survey (VLASS) is a new modern radio sky survey that will be produced by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), motivated by the enhanced observing and software capabilities of the upgraded Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA). This community-driven survey will cover the entire sky visible to the VLA (> -40deg decl.) in three observing epochs (reaching rms ~120 microJy per epoch) with a frequency coverage of 2-4 GHz and angular resolution of ~2.5 arcsec. NRAO will provide continuum images as well as spectral and full polarisation image cubes. Scientific applications include the study of radio transients, Faraday tomography of radio galaxies, and demographics of the radio loud/intermediate AGN population. I will give an overview of the current status and developments for VLASS, including the status of the VLASS Pilot study and challenges faced by the VLASS team.

I will also describe two commensal surveys that are ongoing at the VLA. The VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE) runs in parallel to VLA observing, providing ~6200 hours/year of science-ready data products across 64 MHz of bandwidth centered on 352 MHz, processed by a custom correlator in real-time. "realfast" is a system for real-time fast transient searches on the VLA using a dedicated pipeline that processes a high-speed duplicate of the primary VLA observing stream, and will automatically identify exotic transient systems such as fast radio bursts and milli-second pulsars.

ASD Colloquia are Tuesdays at 3:45 pm (Meet the Speaker at 3:30 pm) in Bldg 34, Room W150 unless otherwise noted.

Date October 10, 2017
Start/End Time 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM
Location B34, W150
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