Thomas E Stephens

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Thomas E Stephens

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    I attended graduate school at New Mexico State Universtity where I worked under Dr. Steven Stochaj on a Wide-angle Air Cherenkov Telescope array at the Milagro Gamma-ray Observatory for measuring cosmic ray composition in the TeV energy range. After graduation I joined the GSSC staff where I work on the data systems for the GLAST mission.


    Cosmic ray composition and origin, origin of knee in cosmic ray spectrum, design of cosmic ray instruments.


    GLAST LAT Event and Photon Database System - I am currently working on designing and implementing the primary science database system for the GLAST LAT instrument.

    GLAST LAT Source Catalog - A project to find and characterize sources discoved by the LAT instument. Specifically I am working on the inital detection of candidate sources.

    GLAST GSSC Infrastucture - I work on development and maintenance of various aspects of the internal software used by the GSSC such as our Issue Tracking system, Nightly build system and Testing system.


    New Mexico State University, Ph.D - Astonomy, 2003, Thesis: Design and operation of the Wide-angle Air Cherenkov Telescope array

    New Mexico State University, M.S. - Astronomy, 1999.

    Brigham Young Univeristy, B.S. - Physics, 1996

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