Takanori Sakamoto

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Takanori Sakamoto

  • SWIFT Research Scientist
  • 301.286.5497
  • Mail Code: 661.0
  • Employer: Science Collaborator
  • Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2007 September-Present: CRESST/UMBC Research Associate
  • 2004 October-2007 September: NASA Postdoctoral Program
  • 2004 June-2004 September: Postdoc researcher at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN; Cosmic Radiation Laboratory)
  • 2004 April-2004 June: Postdoc researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Kawai laboratory)


  • Gamma-ray burst (GRB)


  • Goddard Robotic Telescope (GRT)
  • Screeing high redshift GRBs using the Swift/BAT data
  • Estimating Epeak from the Swift/BAT data
  • X-ray afterglow properties of the Swift short GRBs
  • Identify the nature of the Swift short GRB 050925 (INTEGRAL AO-5 key program)


  • 2004 PhD (Physics), Tokyo Institute of Technology, "Spectral Characteristics of X-ray Flashes and X-ray Rich Gamma-ray Bursts Observed by HETE-2"
  • 2001 MS (Physics), Tokyo University of Science, "Performance of the one dimentional multi-channel array of the CdTe hard X-ray detectors"
  • 1999 BS (Physics), Tokyo University of Science
  • 1997 BE (Mechanical Engineering), Shibaura Institute of Technology

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