Scott D Barthelmy

Scott D Barthelmy

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  • Greenbelt , MD 20771
  • Employer: NASA
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    Brief Bio

    Came to GSFC in 1985 from PhD thesis at Washington U (StLouis).
    Worked on gamma-ray spectroscopy with hi-resolution Ge spectrometer
    (the GRIS balloon instrument);
    and GRB research (the Rapidly Moving telescope project).
    Continued the GRB work using CGRO-BATSE data, and created
    the BATSE Coordinates Distribution Network (BACODINE),
    which then expanded in the GRB Coordinates Network (GCN)
    with the addition of many other GRB-constributing missions.
    Then started CdZnTe detector technology development
    which ended up in the detector array for the Swift-BAT instrument.


    Gamma-ray Bursts.
    Gamma-ray Spectroscopy.


    Current: Lead Scientist, Swift-BAT instrument.
    PI of the GCN.

    Previous: Development of the Swift MidEx mission.
    Development of InFOCuS balloon instrument.
    Rapid optical follow-up observations of GRBs.
    Development of CdZnTe & CdTe detector technology
    (planar, strip & pixel).
    Design, development, and flights of a Hi-Z Hi-Energy
    Cosmic Ray balloon instrument.
    Gamma-ray spectroscopy of astrophysical sources
    with GRIS.


    1976-1985 PhD Physics Washington University, thesis:
    "Abundances and Energy Spectra
    of High Energy Heavy Cosmic-Ray Nuclei"
    1972-1976 BSc Physics. Case Western Reserve U.


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    Schaefer, B.E., ..., Barthelmy, ... et al.; "Discovery of the Optical Transient of GRB 990308"; ApJL, 524L, L103, 20 Oct 1999.

    More than 100 GCN Circulars in 2004-2005.

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